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Did Big Mom Just Get Rid of Zeus!?!?

One Piece Chapter 1013 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1013 Review/Recap

Well, if there was ever any doubt that Big Mom was still going to throttle the Straw Hats, then that’s gone straight out the window. Not only does Oda show us that she’s still the enemy, but that any chance at changing brought on by Otama is non-existent. In addition, she also proves how cold and unforgiving she is to poor Zeus, as she finally discards the poor Homie.

Man, I feel really bad for Zeus!

One Piece Chapter 1013 Cover Page
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, MangaSee


Now thoroughly enraged by Ulti attacking Otama, Nami hits the Beast Pirate with everything she’s got! But even that is not enough to stop the dinosaur, and before long, she’s at Ulti’s mercy. That’s when Big Mom steps in and uses Hera and her other Homies to show off a new move straight from the Godzilla franchise.

  • One Piece Chapter 1013-Nami's Wrath
  • One Piece Chapter 1013-Godzilla Reference

No sooner has Big Mom dealt with Ulti, though, that she turns her attention to Nami and Usopp. At that moment, though, Zeus finally tracks down Big Mom, only to hear Napoleon and Prometheus bad mouth him as a fool and an idiot. To make matters worse, Big Mom decides she no longer needs Zeus. Thus, she lets Hera devour him to become stronger. Realizing it was a mistake to keep working for Big Mom, Zeus turns on his creator to buy Nami time to escape.

One Piece Chapter 1013-Zeus Sacrifices Himself for Nami
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, MangaSee

But it’s too late. Hera eats Zeus and gains all his power. However, before Big Mom can finish off the trio, Kid shows up with a massive amount of metal, ready for a rematch!

One Piece Chapter 1013-Kid Comes for Big Mom
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, MangaSee

Meanwhile, on the roof, the battle has come to an end for the moment. Luffy has been seemingly defeated and is left plunging away from Onigashima, as Kaido admits he should’ve killed him when he had the chance.

One Piece Chapter 1013-Luffy Defeated?!?
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, MangaSee


Dude, I know that Zeus was a spineless coward that turned on Nami as soon as he found Big Mom again, but I feel bad for the guy. All he ever did was serve Big Mom faithfully, and his partners just bad-mouthed him like that! That little cloud Homie didn’t deserve to be taken out like that! Now more than ever, I want to see Big Mom go down for good! And if we’re lucky, maybe Zeus will somehow return before this fight is over.

However, the more immediate concern should be about Luffy. We didn’t see what happened, but my guess is that Luffy’s fatigue caught up to him, costing him the fight. Now he’s careening away from the island and the Alliance. But despite Kaido admitting he should’ve killed Luffy when he had the chance, he still makes a big mistake: he doesn’t finish the job.

Am I worried about Luffy right now? Yes, I am. He’s falling from high in the sky to the ocean below, meaning he’ll drown. Even if he doesn’t, though, Onigashima’s going to be hard to get back to. But I know that he’ll manage to do it, somehow. He’s Luffy; as long as he’s alive, he’s not going to give up. Kaido better watch his back, because round three is coming, and Luffy’s going to win this time!

RIP Zeus.

I Give “Big Mom’s Anarchy” an emotional 3.8/5

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  1. I feel like Oda is going to give Zeus to Nami in some regard- maybe like a fragment of him survived being eaten by Hera somehow, and it goes to Nami. She powers it up, and she has Zeus once again. But I also feel like some people won’t like that for whatever reason.
    I’m VERY worried about Tama right now. Cause NOW she’s been MARKED by Big Mom- she chose the Straw Hat’s over her, and……..THAT JUST PLAIN WON’T END WELL FOR ANYONE INVOLVED. Especially not the Straw hat’s.
    I know Luffy’s gonna make it out of this one, but I just don’t know how. Are the rapids of Wano gonna wash him onto shore like they did with Big Mom? Or are we finally gonna see the Big Mom Pirates again? Remember; they’re still trying to get to Wano to help Big Mom? Oda though we forgot! But I Didn’t!!

      • I expected an arc featuring more characters I care about. That’s my biggest issue. This arc is filled with characters like that and as a result, the story feels like it’s dragging. I’m just not invested in Kaido’s crew or most of the Wana characters. I’m barely invested in Kaido himself.

        But, yeah, I understand that’s a personal preference and most readers don’t agree with me.

  2. I was surprise how sad I was that Zeus was “killed.” I never really paid him too much attention but I felt sorry for him. It think it does remind us that despite Big Mom’s affection for Tama, she still cruel.

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