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The Hero Course Proves They Can Overcome Adversity

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 6 Next Episode Preview

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 6 Review

Sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday, but I was bummed out over Disney deciding to postpone the season finale to Amphibia. Not cool, guys! But you know who is cool? The Hero Course in My Hero Academia, be it Class 1-A or 1-B. As the end to the second match of the Joint Training Session arrives, we see just how the young heroes thrive in the face of adversity. In short: they all kick ass.

Momo Yaoyorozu’s Foresight

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 4-Kendo vs. Momo
Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump

If I had to pick a character in Class 1-A that has a lot of potential but remains underrated, it might be Momo Yaoyorozu, AKA Creati. She’s one of the smartest people in the class, her Quirk is highly versatile, and she doesn’t quit no matter what. Nowhere is this demonstrated more than in this episode where Class 1-B turns the tables on Class 1-A. First, 1-A’s caught off guard by Shemage’s mushroom Quirk. Then, they get separated by Comicman’s ability to create giant words out of sounds he makes! However, even amidst all that, Momo manages to keep a cool head and give her team a fighting chance. As a result, Class 1-A comes close to winning the second round.

I respect Yaoyorozu’s determination and her ability to think on the fly. Both of those traits are needed to be an effective superhero. Even though Kendo ultimately wins their fight, Momo manages to hinder her with every step.

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 4-Class 1-A Defeated
Source-Funimation, Hulu, Shonen Jump

Mushroom Girl Scares Me

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 4-Mushroom Girl Scares Me
Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump

At first, I didn’t know what the point behind Shemage’s mushroom generating Quirk was. It doesn’t seem to have any offensive or support abilities…on the surface. Once she lets loose with it, it turns into something out of a horror film. Mushrooms coming out of the woodwork, ensnaring their victims. She even grew a poision mushroom inside Tokoyami’s lungs! That’s scary! It also gives Clas

In other words, no matter what their Quirks are, the students in the Hero Course at U.A. are all powerful kids, and not the kind of people you want to mess with. I think that this arc of the anime is starting to grow on me. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next round. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!!

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 6 Next Episode Preview
Source-Hulu, Funimation, Shonen Jump

I Give “Foresight” a 3.8/5

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  1. The Mushroom’s were cool- I think seeing a random ability like this put to use this way was interesting. And I like that Class 1B isn’t just “losing straight through.” Some of their quirks are debatably BETTER than 1A’s when you think about it. So it makes sense that a lot of them would end up winning these fights, too.
    I didn’t necessarily have a problem with this arc. In fact, out of all the school related stuff they do; it’s second only to the Sports Festival.
    Kendo is a really cool character. I feel like Horikoshi really wants to do more with her, but hasn’t found the right way to do so. One thing’s for sure: Momo got her @$$ kicked this time around!!

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