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Disney, You Just Screwed Amphibia Over Big Time

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 10- I don't wanna say goodbye to Anne!

I React to the Ongoing Scheduling Controversy regarding the Amphibia Season Finale

For about as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Disney. I grew up watching their movies and shorts. I’ve enjoyed their shows on Disney Channel and Disney XD. They make really great stuff! But just because I love a company for their products doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore them when they make a mistake. In fact, it’s because I love Disney so much that I feel like must call them out when they screw up. And Disney, you just screwed up with Amphibia. BIG TIME!

Amphibia Season Finale Postponed

For those who haven’t been following the controversy on social media, here’s a recap. Yesterday, May 1st, was supposed to mark the premiere of “True Colors”, the Season Two finale of Amphibia. Throughout the week, the show’s creator, Matt Braly, and his team of amazing writers, animators, editors and more all tried to build up the hype about this on social media. Matt even planned to have a livestream on Twitch the night before so he could interact with the fans. It was going to be a great night for everyone involved.

Then, less than 24 hours before the finale was to be aired, Disney’s official TV Animation account on Twitter dropped this bombshell.

Everyone was taken completely off guard by this, and I mean everyone! Matt and the rest of the show’s staff took to social media to let everyone know that they were just as surprised as we were. They had worked so hard and so long to make the Amphibia season finale worth the hype. Then, just before it was come out, the Mouse pulled the rug out from under them.

Right away, people began speculating as to why Disney made this decision. Some thought it was to make time for this “Halfway to Halloween” event they were doing that day to promote two new shows. Some fans started blaming other shows like Big City Greens for somehow being involved. None of this helped, and if anything, it only made things worse. Matt and the others told everyone that we had to be patient and wait for Disney to explain when the finale would now air.

But then, Disney pulled this bull!

Amphibia Season Finale Goes Up on ITunes!

You are not reading that heading wrong. This morning, it was discovered that the season finale of Amphibia went up on iTunes. Did someone at Disney do it by accident? Was it a computer glitch? Perhaps Disney had automated the process but forgot to correct it. However, none of that matters. What matters is that “True Colors” got up on iTunes. And as expected, it only took a few hours before spoilers and leaks spread across the Internet.

And, to my great shame, I saw the leaks on YouTube. The whole thing, and I am filled with shame right now. Ashamed that I couldn’t stop myself from watching the leaks. But more than that, I felt disgusted towards Disney. Postponing the finale without warning is one thing, because we can live with that. But to then go ahead and release the episode digitally?!? It’s disrespecting the fans, it’s disrespecting the people who worked on the show; it’s just downright disgusting, people!


By the time you read this post, Disney has already taken the finale off of iTunes. If this were the fault of a person or a group of people, then chances are, Disney could fire them for their mistake. If not, then they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do in the next few days as fans and staff demand to know the truth.

Over on Twitter, Matt and many of his colleagues have been asking people not to look up the spoilers out of respect for the show. Or if they have, to keep quiet about them. Already, I’ve seen someone post photos from the finale in Matt’s own thread, which disgusts me even more.

All told, right now, I am just deeply disappointed with Disney. I’ve been disappointed with them in the past over things before, but this is a new low. I sincerely hope that they come up with some sort of explanation in the next few days, but for now, I’m mad at them. Disney, you gotta make this right.

And for those who read this, use the #AmphibiaDeservesBetter to spread awareness about this mistreatment so that Disney may be held accountable.

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  1. WOW- I didn’t see that one coming. I haven’t even heard about this leak. I won’t go looking for it, out of respect for the crew and the amazing show they’re making. Even though I usually don’t mind this kind of thing. But they asked me not to do so, so I won’t.
    But Disney really did scr#w the pooch on this one. I don’t know what happens next, but I don’t think they’re gonna live this one down.

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