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Big Mom Proves Even Evil Has Standards

One Piece Chapter 1011 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1011 Review/Recap

Have you ever heard of the trope “even evil has standards?” It’s a very popular trope created for a sole purpose. And that purpose is to show that if even the villains are disgusted by something, then you know that it’s bad! And in this case, it’s Big Mom who shows us that even evil has standards.

One Piece Chapter 1011 Cover Page


One Piece Chapter 1011-Hera, Big Mom's New Homie
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee

On the roof of Onigashima, Kid and Killer are dismayed to see that Big Mom’s alive and headed their way. Worse, she reveals that she just made a new Homie, Hera. Hera’s a Homie made from actual lightning, and Big Mom wastes no time in using her power to send the two into the skull dome. That’s when their luck gets even worse as they’re confronted by Hawkins. Killer stays behind to face his fellow Supernova while Kid goes to find Big Mom. Meanwhile, with everyone else having left the dome, Kaido and Luffy resume their fight on much more even terms.

One Piece Chapter 1011-Kaido and Luffy Round Two
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee

Down below, Usopp, Nami, and Tama are still running from the wrath of Page One. They’re throwing everything they have at the freak, but he just shrugs it off.

One Piece Chapter 1011-Usopp and Nami are Terrified
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee

Just when they’re on the ropes, Big Mom herself shows up! Fortunately, she remembers Tama from when she helped her before and thanks her for the kindness she showed her. However, when she learns that Kaido’s men burned down Leftover Town, she becomes enraged. As a result, she declares that even in the world of pirates, people still have standards, and attacks Page One. Much to everyone’s shock. Even evil has standards.

One Piece Chapter 1011-Even Evil Has Standards
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Mangasee


Holy cow, you guys. I wasn’t expecting this turn of events. Like, at all! I actually think that I forgot about the fact that Big Mom got amnesia or that she befriended Tama and the people of Leftover Town. I had thought that after she got her memory back, she stopped caring about them. But I guess I was wrong. Even someone as evil as Big Mom can have standards in the end.

I’m not going to say that Big Mom’s an ally just yet, though. She’s not going to forgive Luffy for all the trouble he’s caused her. Best case scenario, she’s now a wildcard in the fight for Onigashima. And given how many wildcards are already in play, that’s saying something!

It’s a shame that the manga’s on break again next week, but I’d take that over Oda letting his health deteriorate. That man’s a global treasure and deserves as many breaks as he wants. As for me, I can’t wait to see what happens next in One Piece. and for the anime to reach the raid!

I Give “Anko Standards” a 3/5

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  1. I like how things are lining up. Like you said; she’s not an ally. So what I see happening next is a pretty obvious-but-no-less-amazing twist would be for Zeus to arrive after having attacked Page 1, and Big Mom, Hera, and Prometheus giving him the kick to the proverbial curve.
    And when she wants to attack Nami and Usopp; Zeus comes into save her and returns to Nami. That said; Tama is there, and she could end up putting in a good word to get them out of Big Mom’s war path. Either way; Zeus is going back to Nami. But will she be able to ride him(PAUSE) at some point.
    Then there’s ULTI. She doesn’t look thrilled that “Pay-Pay” is in danger like that. Will she try and attack Big Mom? Yes. Will she fall immediately? ABSOLUTELY. Will it be fun to see her try? Yes; down right hysterical.
    Luffy vs Kaido- Mano a Mano. This is gonna be the fight of the CENTURY!!!

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