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Surprise, Shura! Shiki Has Arrived To Wreck You!

Edens Zero Chapter 140 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 140 Review/Recap

You know, we have yet to actually see Shura in combat, but thus far, I don’t think he’s that smart. I mean, making a public announcement that you’re going to destroy all machines just to lure out Ziggy? Even if that did lure Ziggy out, the damage to the Nero Empire would be near-irreparable. Either way, he would lose something. But his biggest mistake is the one that he doesn’t even realize he’s making. He pissed off Shiki, and that’s going to be his downfall.


Edens Zero Chapter 140 Cover Page
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

As the Edens Zero and Oasis approach Nero 66, Laguna gets a call from Ibaraki, one of the people who pointed a gun at him before.

Edens Zero Chapter 140-Laguna's Old Friends
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

However, they’re actually old comrades from Laguna’s Oasis days, and despite him deserting them, there’s no real animosity. Ibaraki does tell him, though, that the last boss’ daughter, “the princess” was killed by Shura. Weisz can’t help but overhear the conversation and can’t help but wonder if that’s why Laguna joined up with Drakken Joe. However, he makes it clear that if he does anything to put his friends in harm’s way, Weisz will kill Laguna.

Edens Zero Chapter 140-Weisz's Threat to Laguna
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

As the rest of the crew finishes steeling themselves for war, the plan comes into place. While both fleets are distracted, Oasis will clear a path for Edens Zero to punch through to the planet’s surface. Sure enough, Oasis fulfills its role perfectly, distracting everyone while Edens Zero breaks for Nero 66. On the planet, Shura’s forces detect the arrival of the ship. Much to Shura’s confusion, though, he doesn’t recognize the ether of the one on board. All he knows is that it’s not Ziggy.


I have to admit, I did not think that I would enjoy seeing how confused Shura was when the Edens Zero showed up and it wasn’t being piloted by Ziggy as I did. The look of utter confusion on the arrogant and self-assured face of Shura was just absolutely priceless. In addition, it confirms the fact that Shura has no clue about Shiki or the others, which means they have the element of surprise. It’s going to make their inevitable beatdown of Shura all the more entertaining to watch. Moral of the story, Shura: don’t piss off Shiki.

Edens Zero Chapter 140-Oasis Shows Their Stuff
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

As with the previous chapter, I was both in awe and frustrated by the space battle taking place above the planet. It’s the kind of epic thing you’d see in Star Wars or Star Trek, but I don’t think it translates that well to manga format. If the anime gets a second season, I hope they get the chance to do these battles right.

In addition, I liked the moment between Laguna and his old comrades at Oasis. While we still don’t know why he left them, it looks like he was fairly close with the group at one point. I hope we get an actual flashback to his past before this arc is over. Especially if he ends up joining the crew for real.

Next week, we’re looking at what will hopefully be the beginning of the end for Shura. He will bow before the might of the Ether King, Shiki Granbell!!

I Give “Charge!! To the Planet Nero 66” A 3.5/5. Loses points for space battle constraints in manga format

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  1. I feel like Weisz is just posturing- I don’t think he’ll actually kill Laguna if things go South. Then again; I could end up being wrong. Something I AM looking forward to though: The upgrades he made to his Arsenal Armor. Or just in general the improvements he’s made with using his Ether Gear,
    Shura doesn’t seem like he’s “dumb” necessarily- just arrogant and overconfident. And as far as the people trusting the Empire goes……..I don’t think he or Nero care. If they rebel; they’ll just squash em- “as is the fate of all who defy them” as it were.
    I’m starting to think that Ijuna and this “princess” character are related. I know we were told that her face was “left unrecognizable,” but…….something feels off between this scene and the scene where Ijuna was labeled “just his secretary.” Maybe that was a body double that they found? Or perhaps they were twins? I don’t know; it just has to be something.
    Laguna bouncing about to find a group that could defeat Drakken? CLEVER- and I think his search may just be over. Though I think that Shura might want that, too. And in many way- Shura is a WORSE fit to rule the Aoi Cosmos!!

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