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The Amphibia Human Trio Together Again, At Long Last!

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 17 Cover Page

Amphibia Season 2, Episode 18A/18B Review

Ever since the show started, fans have been waiting for the moment when Anne, Sasha, and Marcy would reunite. Thus far, it hasn’t failed to disappoint. Anne and Sasha’s reunion was tragically bittersweet with both sides gaining their own scars. In contrast, Anne and Marcy’s reunion was far more joyous, with the two’s friendship as strong as ever. However, that’s nothing compared to what we wanted to get out of the reunion of what I’m calling the “Amphibia Human Trio.” And this episode managed to deliver on that, even if it wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be.

Silver lining, though: the first half of the episode turned out to be better than I thought.

Bessie and MicroAngelo

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 18 -Bessie and Micro-Angelo
Source-Disney Channel

The Plantars, Anne, and Marcy are getting ready to head to the third and final temple needed for the music box. However, as they’re packing, they come across a dilemma: who’s going to look after MicroAngelo, the snail that Polly won in Newtopia? With everyone too busy (and Anne getting an unwanted makeover), Hop Pop puts Bessie in charge of the little snail. And, oh my God, you guys, is that little guy cute?!? He’s like a little, snail-y angel! However, Bessie soon finds out that the new snail can get into a lot of trouble, and soon seems to be in over her head.

Had this been the only plot to the episode, I think it would’ve been alright. It reminded me a lot of classic disney shorts in which the older, more experienced animal has to babysit after their younger counterpart. It’s simplistic in nature, but always manages to tug at the old heartstrings. Fortunately, all of this happens concurrently as Anne deals with that unwanted makeover.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 18- Anne’s new Look
Source-Disney Channel

See, Marcy thinks Anne needs new threads for the final temple, oblivious to the fact that Anne doesn’t want to change her looks. As a result, Anne rejects all of the gaudy suits of armor she’s given in favor of simply adding a chestplate to her existing clothes. And not only does it suit her, I think it’s a great relfection to her character development. The Anne we met at the start of the show was more of a doormat that would cave to whatever Sasha told her. In comparison, Anne’s experiences have given her far greater confidence in her self-image. She’s really grown up, hasn’t she?

But will it be enough when the Amphibia Human Trio reunites?

The Third Temple

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 17 -Anne Sasha and Marcy
Source-Disney Channel

So, remember that flashback from the season 2B trailer showing how the Amphibia Human Trio first met? We finally get the full flashback here! It’s revealed that Sasha first met Anne and Marcy after standing up to a group of bullies for them. It’s both absolutely adorable, and bittersweet, considering how badly things go for them.

In the present day, the Plantars and the girls head to the third temple, located in that volcano seen in the end credits. However, since this temple tests their strength, they make little progress. That is, until Sasha (and Grime) show up out nowhere and lead them through the temple.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 18 -The Human Trio Reunite
Source-Disney Channel

While Sasha and Marcy are both happy to see each other, Anne keeps Sasha at a distance, even as the latter gets them through the temple. Eventually, it comes to a head at the final test: fighting a giant stone toad in a room with enhanced gravity. With everyone unable to move, Anne finally vents how mad she is at Sasha for the years of unintentionally manipulating her. At the same time, though, Anne tells her that she still believes in Sasha and says she’s the strongest person she knows. In other words, Anne still sees Sasha as her friend despite everything. As a result, Sasha awakens her inner strength and wastes the stone warrior!

Also, it turns out that armor she was wearing is weighted. She was pulling a Goku the whole time!

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 17- What Does She Bench?!?
Source-Disney Channel

At the end of it all, the gems are all recharged (or so it seems), and it looks like the girls can go home at any time. Heck, Anne and Sasha even try to patch things up between them. However, as Grime reminds us, they’re already planning a rebellion to overthrow Andrias. Sasha’s only using them to get them into Newtopia. But is that what Sasha really wants?

The Amphibia Human Trio Hint at their True Colors.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode - Sasha’s Doubts
Source-Disney Channel

As the episode comes to an end and we’re set up for the season finale in two weeks, the Amphibia Human Trio each drops hints at what they’re really up to. From where I stand, it looks like Sasha remains torn between her desire for power and her love for her friends. Which means that she’s going to have to make a choice soon that could either save her friendship, or destroy it forever.

In addition, it looks like Marcy’s intentions may not be as pure as we once thought. Remember how Andrias spoke to her at the end of the Newtopia Arc? Andrias is up to something, and it could lead to Marcy betraying Anne in the process. Worse still, Marcy may not even realize that she’s helping the wrong side.

The bottom line is that things are about to come to a head for the Amphibia Human Trio. However things play out, they’re going to set the tone for the third (and likely final) season of the show. And I, for one, cannot wait to see how things turn out! This is some Gravity Falls level storytelling here, people! People need to watch this!

I Give “Bessie and MicroAngelo” and “The Third Temple” a 4.5/5 and 5/5 each

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Stray Observations

  • Did you guys see Bessie’s photo of the Plantar family? Look how she considers Anne and MicroAngelo a part of it!
Amphibia Season 2 Episode 17 -Bessie’s Family
Source-Disney Channel
  • I’m now convinced that Andrias has something bad planned for Amphibia.
  • Wait, couldn’t the Plantar’s have used Frobo to help them in the Temple?
  • Congrats to the writers of Amphibia for winning an Annie Award last night.

3 thoughts on “The Amphibia Human Trio Together Again, At Long Last! Leave a comment

  1. I recently started working at a Temp service, so I missed this one. But it sounds like this was a pretty cool episode.
    And I think you’re right; they could have used Frobo to get through the temple. I feel like they’re holding off on using him for the “Bigger Plot” stuff until absolutely necessary.
    They won an Annie? Sweet!! They really deserved it!

  2. I think I pocess an ability to predict how a story will wind up, at the moment it seems like Sasha will betray the gang but then they will get back together after King Andrias reveals his true colors and work together, sort of an alliance of convivence. But I have a theory, what if Marcy is well aware of SOME of King Andrias’s plans and wants to help him get the music box before they can go back home. Why would she do that? Well ask yourself this, why would Marcy want to go home? Back at home she was practically at the bottom of the ladder, from what little I can tell, and was a klutz who constantly needed looking after by her friends while she threw herself into fantasy worlds via video games. Although I have no idea about her family life, she could want or not want to get back home because of that. Here however she is in her element, she is living her dream of being a warrior in a fantasy world; she is someone important. So maybe she just wants to not go home but also to try and convince her friends to stay as she thinks it would be better if they stay too, especially Anne. Of course, that is just a theory.

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