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Luffy Ascends to the Next Level of Haki!

One Piece Chapter 1010 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1010 Review/Recap

If you folks will recall, the first time that Luffy fought Kaido, he didn’t leave a scratch on him and got thrown in Udon Prison. However, this led Luffy to discover that he can level up his Haki to let him hurt foes without even touching them. He trained his butt off to learn how to use his Haki like that, and it looks like it paid off. But it’s only now that we see the true extent of his power! Luffy finally takes his Haki to the next level, and it is glorious!

One Piece Chapter 1010 Cover Page
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump


After throwing Big Mom down to the water below, the Worst Generation Pirates waste now time in throwing everything they’ve got at Kaido. Unfortunately, this gives Prometheus and Napoleon the chance to fly down after Big Mom and save her right before she hits the water.

One Piece Chapter 1010-Prometheus Saves Big Mom
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Even though he’s starting to show his injuries, Kaido remains a deadly threat. Zoro and Law each hit him hard, with Zoro even managing to get in a good hit. But it’s still not enough, and the two pirates can’t keep fighting. Right before Kaido can finish them off, Luffy suddenly stands back up to fight him. He figured out what Hyogoro taught him about Haki: he can coat himself in Conquerer’s Haki to attack his enemies. And it works: he hurts Kaido without even touching him!

One Piece Chapter 1010-Luffy Uses Haki to Hurt Kaido
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Now confident in his ability to fight, Luffy tells Law and Zoro to head back below. He’s going to fight Kaido mano a mano, and he’s going to win!

One Piece Chapter 1010-Luffy Is Ready to Rumble
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump


I know that I should be worried about Luffy’s ability to win. I know that him wanting to fight Kaido on his own, while typical of a shonen protagonist, seems like suicide in a situation like this. However, this is Luffy we’re talking about. If he says that he can win, then it’s pretty much a done deal.

I really enjoyed this chapter. Not only did we get to see Kaido being pushed even further to his limits, we got to see Zoro prove his mettle as a swordsman by injuring Kaido! And the move he used was no less amazing!

One Piece Chapter 1010-Zoro's Haki Attack, Farce of the Dead
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

I know that the fight is still far from over, and this will push Luffy farther than he’s ever gone before. Even so, Kaido underestimated how quickly Luffy would master Haki. He can win this!

One Piece Chapter 1010-Luffy Will Not Give Up
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

The only other concern I have right now is about Big Mom. I’m worried that she might be fed up with Zeus and just make a new cloud homie out of the storm clouds above Onigashima. If that happens, there’s no telling what she might be able to do! Although, it may get Zeus to rejoin Nami for good, so there’s that.

One Piece is back on break for next week, so we’re going to have to wait a while to see how this turns out. After what we saw in this chapter, though, I’m fine with waiting. So long as he keeps making this as epic as possible, I’m happy with how things go, Oda!

I Give “Conquerer’s Haki” a 4.5/5

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3 thoughts on “Luffy Ascends to the Next Level of Haki! Leave a comment

  1. Zoro has Conqueror’s, too?! And you can coat yourself in Conqueror’s to make yourself indestructible like that? That’s going to be an invaluable skill for Luffy to learn going forward. Maybe Luffy and Zoro won’t take so much damage going forward- which should make Chopper’s job easier.
    Luffy vs Kaido- mano a mano. You know; I kind of feel like that’s a very even battle, despite all the evidence saying that he’s going to need help. “If it’s one on one; Kaido wins.” THIS TIME, though…..I don’t know. And with Luffy improving his haki in this battle; he might just take it.
    Though I will point out how they’ve been fighting Kaido for a while now and have only BEGUN to make any sort of headway against the King of Beasts.
    Big Mom making a new cloud to replace Zeus? Yeah; that would make sense. And you’re right- Nami would get Zeus back. Although we won’t be able to see Nami riding on Zeus any time soon.

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