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The Aoi War Kicks Off In Two-Chapter Special

Edens Zero Chapter 137 Cover

Edens Zero Chapter 137 & 138 Review/Recap

We knew that this was going to happen. First, the events on Foresta turned people against machines. Then, Shura announced that they were going to wipe out all machines in the Aoi Cosmos. Now, we learn that he and Ziggy are going to fight for control of the All Link in three days time. Add in the rebel group Oasis and Edens Zero, and there’s no denying it. The Aoi Cosmos’ about to descend into war. This week, we have a two chapter special that kickstarts the Aoi War.

Recap-Empire’s Dice

Following a quick recap by Xiao Mei, we then cut to the marketplace, where Nero’s soldiers are already trying to round up machines to kill, while the citizens look on in concern. That’s when Oasis and the heroes of Edens Zero arrive and proceed to kick the soldier’s butts.

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Every member of the crew gets to show off the results of their training, wiping the floor with Nero’s soldiers. Even Pino shows how she’s gotten stronger. Now, she’s able to focus her EMP onto a single target, letting her disable a soldier’s guns. In other words, the soldiers are getting routed by the enemy.

Back in The Temple, Fabiano, one of the Ocean’s 6, asks Nero why he’s letting Shura act so recklessly. Nero’s answer is simple: because of his Empire Dice. They let him conquer the Aoi Cosmos without fail. And he believes that as long as he follows them, he will always win. Regardless of whether or not the Aoi Cosmos burns down or not.

Edens Zero Chapter 138-Poseidon Nero's Dice
Source-Kodansha Comics

Recap-Chapter 138

As the battle in Sandra continues, Oasis and Edens Zero continue to kick the enemies butt. However, they soon get word of enemy reinforcements on the west side of the town. Or rather, were on the west side of town. The Shining Stars and the others took care of them all.

Edens Zero Chapter 138-Badass Montage 5
Source-Kodansha Comics

The mention of the name Edens Zero shocks Goodwin, as he recognizes them as the ones who beat Drakken Joe. Realizing they’re outgunned, the soldiers retreat. The rest are taken prisoner. However, Goodwin refuses to kill them, as he knows they’re just people trying to survive. It’s the Empire itself that he hates, to which Homura says he has a big heart.

On Nero Planet 66, Shura and the Oceans are throwing a party while they wait for the All Link to begin. However, they’re soon met by some party crashers. A massive fleet, commanded by Oracion Seis Interstelar member Eraser shows up to destroy Shura before he go through with his mad plans.

Edens Zero Chapter 138-Shura vs. Eraser
Source-Kodansha Comics


Well, now I’m more excited for the anime than ever, because the Aoi War is going to look so sick!

It’s always fun to see how the heroes have grown as a result of their training, and the Edens Zero has grown in leaps and bounds. Rebecca’s Leaper is faster than ever; Homura’s become even more of a badass swordsmaiden; and Shiki? Shiki needs no explanation as to how awesome he is. In other words, all the heroes have gotten stronger.

In addition, I also like how these chapters revealed more about Nero and Goodwin’s characters. On the surface, Nero may have looked reasonable. But if he’s willing to sacrifice billions to win, then I don’t know how Ziggy was friends with him. Goodwin, on the other hand, proved that underneath his tough exterior lies the heart of a fluffy kitten. He’s willing to look past the fact that the enemy killed his people to see that they can be friends once the Empire falls. That’s good leadership.

Edens Zero Chapter 138-Goodwin's Goodwill
Source-Kodansha Comics

No matter how you slice it, the Aoi War is about to begin, and it’s going to shake the heavens! Unless Shiki stops Shura and Ziggy, then the Aoi Cosmos will be a flaming wreck by the time they’re done. But after seeing this fight, I really can’t wait to see Shiki and Shura fight. Only one can be the master of gravity!

Hiro Mashima, you gave us the gift of two chapters at once, and for that, we thank you. And just in time, too. The Edens Zero anime premieres this Sunday! Will I review it? Maybe; I may just want to focus on the manga for now. I hope it gets a dub, though!

I Give “Empire Dice” and “Prelude to Aoi War” a 4/5 and 3.8/5, Each

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  1. There will be a dub- but it’s in “Netflix Jail,” so we’re gonna be waiting a while to see it. And episodes 1 and 2 leaked a few days ago. I was going to watch them, but my brother is a cronic procrastinator. So I’m behind on SEVERAL things.
    I think we got 2 chapters this week because the anime is being released. Which is pretty cool. You’re right; it showed off the difference between Goodwin and Nero. And I think that’s going to lead to something.
    I REALLY want to see Eraser fight Shura- how Shura fights and what Eraser can do. I’m curious how this is gonna tie into this big war. It feels like Foresta all over again!!

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