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Big Mom and Orochi Get Sent to Hell (Hopefully)

One Piece Chapter 1009 Review/Recap

I’ve been reading One Piece for years now, and I’ve watched the anime since the days of the infamous 4Kids dub. And if there’s one recurring theme to the climax of every arc, it’s how chaotic they can be. The Wano Arc is no exception, as we’ve seen the Alliance’s raid escalate into a virtual free-for-all! We have CP0 watching on the sidelines. Luffy and the Worst Generation are fighting Big Mom and Kaido. And did I mention that Orochi returned to the game and started to burn down Onigashima? This week, the Alliance seems to get rid of some of the big players in the war for Wano. This week, Orochi and Big Mom seem to go to Hell. 

I hope they do, at least.

One Piece Chapter 1009 Cover Page

Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media


One Piece Chapter 1009-An Unexpected Meeting

Source-Viza Media, Shonen Jump

As the fire that Orochi set off continues to blaze, the Ex-Shogun has the misfortune of running into the Scabbards. Seeing that there’s no way out, Orochi transforms into his namesake and prepares to kill the Scabbards….

One Piece Chapter 1009-Orochi "Dies" Again

Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Only to get promptly be-headed by the Scabbards, who say that he’ll be judged in Hell. However, his head ninja, Fukurokuju, blocks their path, determined to put an end to them himself. 

Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Back on the rooftop, the Worst Generation’s experiencing its own kind of Hell. The Hell of facing two Yonko at once, and they can barely keep it together. Worse, Law can’t even use his powers to separate them. However, this leads the Worst Generation to get creative.

One Piece Chapter 1009-Big Mom's Homies Get Attacked

Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Rather than going after Big Mom and Kaido outright, the quintet begins to target Big Mom’s homies, isolating them and preventing them from being able to fight. As a result, Big Mom, while still a great threat, is no longer as powerful. Better still, when Kid and Law use their powers a boulder careening into her, she’s unable to stop it from sending her falling off the roof. Down, down she goes to the sea below, and she can’t stop it.

img_6911One Piece Chapter 1009-Big Mom Falls


It took long enough for the heroes to send Big Mom to the curb, and the way they did it was very ingenious. Big Mom’s Soul-Soul Fruit’s powerful because she can use it to create Homies to fight for her. But if they can’t fight, then they’re useless. Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon have been taken out of the fight for the time being, and without them, Big Mom’s just an old lady. An old lady with monstrous strength and Haki, but that’s way more manageable.

As much as I want to say that Big Mom’s on a one-way trip to Hell, I know better. That woman has survived all sorts of brushes with death in the past. She’ll make it out of this one and be back to finish the fight. The same goes for Orochi, too. However, that doesn’t matter. Now Kaido has to fight the Worst Generation by himself, and as Luffy noticed in this chapter, he’s now dodging their attacks. In other words, they’re starting to hurt him.

It’s a race against time now. Luffy and the others have to really put Kaido through the wringer before Big Mom returns, or else they’re done for. Still, I think their odds of winning just shot up. This was a good chapter, and I’m looking forward to what happens next week.

I Give “Hell” a 4/5

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