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Goodwin, The Giant Rebel Cat Leader, is A B-Cuber Fan?

Edens Zero Chapter 136 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 136 Review/Recap

So, you know how they say “don’t judge a book by its cover?” That’s a very important lesson to know. Even the biggest and scariest person in the world can end up being a total sweetheart underneath. Case in point, we learn that Goodwin, the leader of Oasis, may look like a tiger, but he’s a total kitty. At least, for some people.

Edens Zero Chapter 136 Cover Page
Looks like Couchpo’s part of the team! Source-Kodansha Comics


Picking up where the last chapter left off, the Edens Zero crew comes face to face with Goodwin, the leader of Oasis. At first, everyone except for Shiki’s indimitated by him. But that changes once Goodwin catches sight of Rebecca and Happy.

Edens Zero Chapter 136-Goodwin is a fan of Rebecca and Happy
Source-Kodansha Comics

It turns out, Goodwin’s not only a fan of Rebecca and Happy’s channel, but is one of their biggest supporters.

Edens Zero Chapter 136-Rebecca's Biggest Fan
Source-Kodansha Comics

However, he isn’t happy to see Rebecca palling around with Laguna, but hears them out for Rebecca’s sake. However, at the exact same time, news continues to break out about the chaos that Shura’s announcement has caused in the Aoi Cosmos.

As the news breaks out, Goodwin explains how Shura could follow through with his plans, the All Link. It’s a time when the ocean in the Aoi Cosmos reaches high tide, it will connect every planet in a mixture of ether and electricity. And it’s happening in three days. To make matters worse, though, Nero’s troops have attacked the marketplace in search of bots, and the found Oasis’ headquarters!

Good thing Edens Zero is there to take care of the soldiers.

Edens Zero Chapter 136-Ass Kicking
Source-Kodansha Comics


Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting Goodwin to be a fan of Rebecca and Happy’s B-Cube channel. However, it makes sense in hindsight. He’s a cat, they’re a cat-themed channel; it adds up. Congrats, Rebecca, you’ve got your first hardcore fan! Now to make your videos better.

Edens Zero Chapter 136-All Link Explained 1
Source-Kodansha Comics

All joking aside, though, this is a real problem. In three days time, the All Link will occur, and Shura will try and destroy all the robots in the Aoi Cosmos. I know it’s a ploy to lure out Ziggy, but I don’t doubt that he will follow through on it!

So, they’ve got only three days to come with up a plan to stop a sociopath from committing robot genocide. I know it may not seem like much to work on, but this is a Shonen series. I’ve seen heroes in this genre do more with far less. In addition, Shura has no clue that Shiki or Edens Zero even exist, so they will have that as an advantage. Refuge in audacity, people! It can work!

So, I think that this chapter was really good, if not a little unexpected. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Goodwin likes Rebecca’s videos. However, if that means he’ll help them, then so be it! I love Goodwin!

I Give “Goodwin” a Solid 3.8/5

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One thought on “Goodwin, The Giant Rebel Cat Leader, is A B-Cuber Fan? Leave a comment

  1. Not what I thought the “All Link” was, but this is fine, too. Actually; I think I might prefer that. At least Ziggy can’t replicate it later on.. Plus it makes it much more challenging to stop Shura. How are you going to stop him from destroying all machines during an event that connects the lot of em?
    GOODWIN- Rebecca’s first “Die Hard Fan.” I wonder where this is headed? More fans once her videos get better? And what of Labila? According to Couchpo in chapter 85; she can’t get ad revenue anymore(I bet EVERYONE forgot about that nugget of information). So is this set up to Rebecca rising up while Labila ends up broke?
    This was a good chapter with really good set up. And hey; episode 1 of the anime leaked online, so…….all good things!

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