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*Gasp* Welcome to the Family, Mr. Frobo!

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 15-New Wartwood and Friend or Frobo

Amphibia Season 2, Episode 15 Review

So, remember that robot that got created in that factory in the Season two premiere? The one that followed the Plantar’s all the way across Amphibia as a running gag? Well, the episode where Mr. Frobo finally joins the Plantar’s has come at last! But first, let’s look back on Mr. Frobo as he journeyed across Amphibia.

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New Wartwood

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 15-New Wartwood
Source-DisneyNOW, Disney Channel

It’s already been established that Marcy’s not the best when it comes to social interaction. She means well, but her eagerness can be off-putting to some people. And in the first segment of this week’s episode, she struggles to be accepted by the people of Wartwood, much like what Anne went through.

Anne and Marcy are both alike in that they yearn for acceptance from the people around them. As we see here, what separates them is their methods. It took Anne half a season before Wartwood accepted her. So she rightfully tells Marcy that its best not to force the issue. Marcy doesn’t listen to Anne, though, and instead follows through with Mayor Toadstool’s ideas to improve the town. AKA, make it look fancier-looking and appeal to Toadstool’s own ego. It works, until the extra weight causes Wartwood to sink into the swamp its built on.

Marcy quickly rectifies her error by saving the town, but everyone’s still rightfully mad at her. But, they do admit that after getting to know Anne, that sort of thing’s par for the course for them. They even admit that they’ll eventually get around to liking Marcy, same as with Anne.

I enjoy any story that involves Marcy in some way, and to see her experience the same sort of growth Anne did is endearing to her character. Also, seeing Anne give her advice shows just how far she’s come since arriving in Amphibia.

Friend or Frobo

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 15-Friend or Frobo
Source-DisneyNOW, Disney Channel

Now it’s time for the moment we’ve low-key been waiting for since the trailer for the second half of the season dropped. It’s time for the Plantar’s to meet Frobo!

On a typical outing to Wartwood’s farmer’s market, a bored Polly wants to cause mischief to liven things up. However, Anne and Sprig refuse to partake, with their various experiences having made them seen how it’s not worth it. Since’s Polly’s still young, though, she does it anyway…only to find it hard to do so alone. That’s when she discovers the robot frog that’s been following them since the start of the season. Enamored by the big guy, Polly names him “Frobo”, and uses him to get into all sorts of trouble.

At first, it’s fun. Until Frobo angers the townsfolk, they accidentally hurt Polly, and Frobo goes berserk and starts lashing out at them. It was like watching an amphibian version of The Iron Giant, so it was very entertaining to watch.

Ultimately, Polly learns to take responsibility for Frobo and gets him to stop his rampage, the townsfolk to stand down, and for Hop Pop to accept Frobo into the Plantar family. At least he doesn’t need to eat, so that’s one less mouth to feed.

A Good Breather Episode

Ultimately, this is what people would consider to be a “breather episode.” A light-hearted story sandwiched in between a far more serious one to keep people from being overwhelmed by the seriousness. In other words, filler with a purpose.

Don’t get me wrong; I want to see the main story continue as much as everyone else. But I’d rather Amphibia take its time doing so. Plus, these episodes give the characters sufficient time to grow and develop, which they’re going to need.

Even though the Plantar’s now have Mr. Frobo, several questions remain unanswered. Who built the factory that made him? Why did he follow them all the way to Newtopia and back? How involved will he be in the plot of the show going forward? Hopefully, the show will answer these questions given time. For now, though, I’m content with enjoying this new family dynamic. Here’s hoping that we see more of Marcy and Frobo interacting with the people of Wartwood next week.

I Give “New Wartwood” and “Friend or Frobo” a 3.9/5 and 4.5/5 Each

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  1. FROBO. Where do I start with the metal homie? I like what he did in the episode, and I think that he’s going to participate in a lot of action set pieces going forward. Maybe when Sasha and Grime invade Newtopia?
    As for where comes from……..Andreas said his family were scientist, yeah? Maybe they weren’t the ONLY ones. Or maybe a portion of the family didn’t agree with the shady sh!t they were doing. So they built that ultimate army to challenge them.
    This show is so good at its story build up- but I honestly want more world building. Not to say that I’m disappointed with what we’ve already gotten.

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