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I’m Still In Love With Solar Opposites!

Solar Opposites Season 2

Solar Opposites Season 2 Review

I never thought that I would see the day when a pair of unholy dog monsters would attack the guests at a dinner party, eat them, and then poop them out as bottles of wine. If that sounds like something I made up, it’s not. It’s a plot point from the new season of Solar Opposites. And it’s still hilarious!!

Debuting on Hulu last year and created from the minds of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and former head writer Mike McMahan, Solar Opposites is a sci-fi sitcom that is, well, completely bonkers. Four aliens and this little pupa-thing get stuck on Earth after fleeing their destroyed home world and get into misadventures using sci-fi BS. No, really, that’s the whole plot of the show. No matter what happens, the writers just pull some amazing sci-fi BS out their butts and solve problems. That’s the whole plot of Solar Opposites. It’s hilarious to watch.

Okay, maybe it gets a little repetitive at times. However, now that it’s in its sophomore year, Solar Opposites is not afraid to double down on what makes it funny: meta-humor and pop culture references.

The Wall of Meta-Humor. And An Actual Wall

Last year, the show was trying to find its own footing, so it had to be all over the place at times. While this meant the plots for the episodes weren’t always the funniest, it worked because of the power of sci-fi BS. This year, though, Solar Opposites is working with meta-humor at its primary weapon.

Right off the bat, the show’s not afraid to reference the various tropes and formulas that go into an episode. From acknowledging how everything occurred “last year” to blatantly stating that they can only use this amazing sci-fi idea once, Solar Opposites gets very meta. It also helps that they repeatedly reference and advertise Hulu. They’re not so much as breaking the fourth wall, as they are leaning on it.

Solar Opposites Season 2 The Wall

Speaking of walls, the best part of the season remains the story of the Wall. The first season introduced us to this wall in the house where the kid aliens keep humans they shrink down for the pettiest of reasons. They built their own society in there, and then ended up fighting a civil war over the course of the season. Season Two takes us back to the Wall and keeps coming back to it as we continue to see things unfold inside this tiny, makeshift world. It’s both silly and dramatic at the same time, and I love. PS, the seventh episode focuses entirely on the Wall plot like last time.

Solar Opposites Season 2 The Wall

Go Binge This Show NOW!

Last year, Solar Opposites came out in a world that ground to a halt thanks to COVID-19. Now that the world’s slowly starting to move again, we don’t have as much time to stream stuff. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of th best sci-fi dark comedies out there. Go watch Solar Opposites if you’re looking for the right kind of nonsensical stupidity.

I give the second season of Solar Opposites a 4.9/5 

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  1. I am eager to see what overarching plot developments come to pass- be it the Pupa stuff, or the Wall subplot that I think might tie in to the overall ending of the show in some capacity. I can see it being really humorous- like; they get out, and their senses come back to them and they just go “What the heck were we doing?”

    • I’m hoping they go to war against the Solar Opposites and try and kill them. Yumyulack for putting them in there, and Jesse for being obliviously cruel to them by giving them nothing but candy.

  2. hey I’m looking for the wall art when the new wall member walks in and mia explains the story to him

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