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Welcome to the Desert Oasis of Sandra!

Edens Zero Chapter 135 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 135 Review/Recap

What do you do when you’re an evil robotic overlord who wants to make robots the masters of the universe? You start a war, turn everyone against your kind, and then wait for the robots to flock to your side while the other side reacts like you expect. That’s basically a summary of what Demon King Ziggy’s done in the Aoi Cosmos. As a result, Shura, the bloodthirsty son of the ruler of the Aoi Cosmos, plans to wipe out all machines. And the only ones who can stop the madness are Shiki and the Edens Zero. But getting to Shura will require a trip to a certain desert planet, and seeking out an oasis from Laguna’s past.

So, this is going to be like the Alabasta Arc from One Piece, but in space? I like this already.


Immediately after hearing what Shura plans to do, the crew of Edens Zero holds an emergency meeting. They’re all in agreement about stopping Shura. However, Laguna brings up a major problem. Shura’s location, the Temple, is guarded by…well, I’ll just let Laguna say it.

Source-Kodansha Comics

They can’t attack the Temple head-on, but seeing how Shiki’s determined to fight, Laguna says he knows a guy. Thus, he brings them all to the desert oasis planet of Sandra to meet an old friend of his. However, those friends aren’t very happy to see him, and try to attack on sight. That is, until Shiki shows off the results of his training.

Edens Zero Chapter 135-Shiki's Boost in Power
Source-Kodansha Comics

Seemingly impressed by Shiki’s Ether Gear, the leader of the group reveals themselves. He says his name is Goodwin, and he’s the leader of Oasis, a rebel group dedicated to overthrowing Poseidon Nero.

And he’s a giant cat!

Edens Zero Chapter 135-Oasis Leader Goodwin
Source-Kodansha Comics


This reminds me a lot of the Alabasta Arc from One Piece. The desert setting, the rebel army, the outfits. Did I mention how much I love the outfits the crew’s wearing?!?

There’s a bigger question that I have though. Is Goodwin supposed to be an Exceed? I remember from the second chapter of the manga that Happy’s species is an Exceed. However, I’ve never seen one that massive in Mashima’s manga before! He’s a giant! Plus, I’m not entirely sure, but there’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

I’m probably just being paranoid after everything that happened on Foresta. If he tries anything, Shiki will beat him up. No, seriously. Did you see how strong Shiki’s gotten with his Ether Gear? If he and Oasis team up, they may be able to take down Shura.

The fact is, though, that there’s still a lot that we don’t know about Oasis or Goodwin or how they plan to take down Nero. However, this is still a Shonen Manga, and they tend to favor the heroes when they come up with crazy plans. I hope it works this time. That first raid on Belial Gore still gives me nightmares.

I Give “Desert Oasis” a 3/5

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Desert Oasis of Sandra! Leave a comment

  1. I did get kind of an Alabasta arc vibe from this planet. It’s enough of a parallel to make me want to have a whole arc here- even though I’m fairly certain this is only going to be a relatively short arc.
    Goodwin an Excced? Entirely possible- definitely almost certain. I don’t expect Exceeds to be quite as important as they were in “Fairy Tail-” but I feel like we’ll be visiting their planet at some point in the future.
    Are we going to see them covertly getting into the Temple- deception, trickery, and other shenanigans? Or Are they just gonna attack head on and hope that the weapons and splinter factions of Oasis are enough to get through? I kind of hope they go with the first option, as the second one can lead to death- even though the second invasion of the Belial Goer was really fun to watch.

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