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I Lost Count of the References in Close Enough

Close Enough-The Future

Close Enough Season 2 Review

You know, when I saw that Season Two of Close Enough was out a month ago, I knew that I had to review it. But then I kept getting distracted by a bunch of other things in life. The things I regularly post about, reading manga, writing my fanfiction. The point is, this is overdue, and I’m sorry about that. Thankfully, I was able to sit down and watch the season over the course of the last month, and I remember some key things that I liked about it.

One: I recognize so many voice actors that did guest appearances on the show. And two, there were a boatload of movie references to be found. I counted parodies to Cast Away, Die Hard, Castaway, Point Break, Alien, Scarface, and more. Way to flex your film buff status, Quintel.

Same Formula, Different Season

Close Enough-Viva Sauceface
Source-HBO Max

So, if you’ve seen any of JG Quintel’s work, then you know that he’s got a formula for this stuff. Mundane problem needs to be solved, only for it to spiral into this insanely chaotic situation. Like, kids trying to earn money to buy a drone by selling hot sauce packs turns into a whole parody of Scarface. Or, Quintel’s stand-in character tries to man up, and then finds himself in the plot of Die Hard. These are the kind of insane, over-the-top things that Quintel does, and I love every minute of it.

Putting the pop culture references aside, there’s a reason why Close Enough may be destined to be a go-to adult show for Millennials. Our generation is all grown up and thrust into an adult world that, let’s face, we’re not entirely prepared for. Or, is it that the world wasn’t prepared for us? Regardless, many of us may still be trying to learn our way in this crazy world. Thus, it’s nice to see a show that tries (and largely suceeds) in capturing the challenges of this modern life.

Not Afraid to Pull its Punches

I think the episode that really stood out the most for me was “Where’d you go, Bridgette?” To summarize, it’s about one of the main characters, Bridgette, trying to deal with her obsession with her smart phone and how much it has control over her life. Their landlady, Pearle, flat out calls it an addiction, and forces her to undergo a phone detox. And yes, that means that Bridgette goes through the classic symptoms of withdrawal, including hallucinations of social media apps messing with her head.

Close Enough-Phone Withdrawal

While the way that the show does it is silly, it’s also a very accurate representation of just how glued we’ve become to our smartphones. A lot of people can’t even go to the bathroom without bringing it with us. And while we’re aware of how addictive it can be, the show points out that it’s up to us to say when enough’s enough.

Also, the rest of the cast freaks out when Bridgette goes off the grid and starts assuming the worst. Seeing them freak out is both endearing and hilarious at the same time.

Go Watch Close Enough

No, really. That’s all there is to this post. If you’re a Millennial, then go watch it. WATCH IT NOW!!

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  1. I REALLY DID forget that season 2 of “Close Enough” was out. Thank you for the reminder.
    From what I’m hearing; this season isn’t all that different from season 1- which is FINE. I’m sure my brothers and I are going to bust out laughing, but I’m glad to hear that the second season is as good as the first.

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