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Judgement Day is coming, and it’s coming for Aoi Cosmos!

Edens Zero Chapter 134 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 134 Review/Recap

You guys ever seen the Terminator films before? In that franchise, an AI the military created becomes sentient and, due to its lack of morals, turns on humanity. The end result is Judgement Day, an event in which the evil AI takes out a good chunk of humanity. Why am I bringing this whole thing up here? Because that’s about happen in Edens Zero, but in reverse. This time, Judgement Day is coming for the machines!

Edens Zero Chapter 134 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 134-Aoenko Channel
Source-Kodansha Comics

After leaving Foresta behind, the Edens Zero resumes its quest of finding Mother Ether. Their latest adventure takes them to a planet of Mud Roll, where everything is literally made out of mud. Much to the annoyance of Rebecca, who spends the whole time getting filthy.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 134-Stupid Mud!
  • Edens Zero Chapter 134-Stupid Mud Roll

While Rebecca edits her latest B-Cube video (with help from Couchpo), Witch suggests that the crew leave the Aoi Cosmos for the time being. The reason being that there’s too many powerful Ether’s in the region. They can’t fight them all by themselves. However, events are about to force their hand.

Edens Zero Chapter 134-Judgement Day
Source-Kodansha Comics

In a special, cosmos wide press conference, Shura declares that several more machine uprsisings have taken place in the Aoi Cosmsos, but have been suppressed by Nero’s forces. As a result, he announces their intention to wipe out every machine in the Aoi Cosmos. Judgement day has come for the machines!


I think we all knew that this “Judgement Day” would be the end result of what happened on Foresta. Thanks to Ziggy’s actions, Shura has all the justification he needs to begin a robotic genocide. In fact, he’s already started it. Hermit confirms that all those other “uprisings” never happened. Shura just slaughtered all those machines.

Edens Zero Chapter 134-The All Link System
Source-Kodansha Comics

While I have no doubt that Shura’s willing to make good on his promise, he’s got an ulterior motive. There’s only one way someone can destroy all the machines in the Aoi Cosmos, and it’s through something called the All-Link System. Shura could use it shut them all down. However, Ziggy could use it to take control of all the machines. Either way, the end result would be a judgement day for man or machine.

What Shura doesn’t realize is that Shiki’s not going to sit back and let this happen. That’s going to be a huge wrinkle in the brat’s plans. Either way, it looks like Shiki’s going to have to stick around to stop this judgment day from coming.

Edens Zero Chapter 134-Stupid Mud Roll
Source-Kodansha Comics

On a lighter note, I noticed how Rebecca wrote “Edens Zero” on her B-Cube. It was before I started reviewing the manga, but thousands of years in the future, that very B-Cube is found on a distant planet. In other words, the time-traveling escapades of the Edens Zero are far from over. I just thought that this was a nice bit of foreshadowing. Mashima’s improved his long-term storytelling.

I Give “Judgement Day” a 3.25/5

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3 thoughts on “Judgement Day is coming, and it’s coming for Aoi Cosmos! Leave a comment

  1. I think that planet where the B Cube was found might have been in the Aoi Cosmos- considering this. Maybe she looses it on a planetary satellite while Shiki and Shura are facing off, and the planet it was attached to ends up getting destroyed. Perhaps that……or this is another cosmos.
    I got the joke Mashima was going for with “Judgement Day.” But I doubt that the Battle for the All-Link system is going to be the end of the saga. I can see Shiki destroying it in his FIRST confrontation with Shura(I definitely think there will be more), and then Ziggy comes in and steals the key components to make his OWN All-Link.
    I REALLY like the “Captain” moment Shiki had in this chapter. It reminds me of when Luffy had to decide whether or not to leave the Going Merry. I honestly think Shiki would have agreed to leave for the time being. But Shura’s little announcement changed his mind.
    This saga is amazing- I swear.

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