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All right, Training’s Over. Back on the Road to Ziggy!

Edens Zero Chapter 133 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 133 Review/Recap

Pop quiz: do you guys know why sports movie or anything that involves a lot of training includes a montage? Because if we had to sit through all the training, then we’d get bored super fast. Also, given how risque some of the training the heroes of Edens Zero is, it’s for the best. This week, Edens Zero finishes its training, gets back on the road, and back on the hunt for Ziggy!

Edens Zero Chapter 133 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 133-Xiao Mei Turned On
Source-Kodansha Comics

The chapter opens up with the fourth-wall breaking character Xiao Mei giving us a recap of recent events: the machines on Foresta going nuts. How Shiki met Xeno. Elsie being chased by Justice, and more. However, she soon transitions back to the heroes training with Xeno. Thus far, almost everyone’s shown growth in their skills.

Edens Zero Chapter 133-Training Continues
Source-Kodansha Comics

Rebecca on the other hand….

Chapter 133-Rebecca’s Ether Bathing Training Bondage Style
This is going to give the Doujinshi Artists so much fuel. Source-Kodansha Comics

Xiao Mei then wisely flashes us forward by a week, with the heroes departing Foresta. Xeno stays behind to look after the kid Rebecca found. He does offer to let Shiki come back and train some more, though.

Meanwhile, on the Edens One, word’s reached Ziggy that his plans for Foresta failed. Nonetheless, he’s undeterred by this or by Shiki. He then talks to the Dark Stars about how he once lost his memories, leading him to create Granbell Park. Then, he went to find Mother to get his memories back, but gave up when he found Shiki. Now that he’s back, he considers that a mistake. Claiming that Shiki’s a threat to the universe itself, he intends to destroy his adopted grandson and conquer humanity. His next step: seize control of Nero’s empire.

Edens Zero Chapter 133-Ziggy's New Look
Source-Kodansha Comics


I’m just going to come out and say it: Hiro Mashima, you are really trying to blur the line between official works and 18-and-up fanart, aren’t you? I’m not joking. The whole “bondage” thing was funny, but Rebecca tied up naked in the baths? That’s something out of an 18+ doujinshi.

Edens Zero Chapter 133-Sister's Ready to Play
Is Mashima getting this stuff from 18 and Up Fan artists?!?! Source-Kodansha Comics

Teasing us with fanservice aside, this chapter did bring up two interesting points that I kept pondering. According to Witch, the Shining Stars were with Ziggy when he went to find Mother. However, they have no memory of it, and no records beyond the Sakura Cosmos. Xeno doesn’t even remember meeting them on Foresta fifteen years ago. Was that a mistake on someone’s part, or a clue that something bigger’s going on.

Then there’s what Ziggy said. He claims that the Ziggy that Shiki knew was him after he lost his memories. This was something we weren’t aware of before. More importantly, if the way he’s acting is his “original self” as he claims, then he knows the truth about Shiki. And for some reason, he considers Shiki a threat to all existence.

Shiki Granbell. There’s so much we still don’t know about him. It’s a compelling mystery, and the more we learn, the less we know. In other words, we have no clue who Shiki is and what his connection to Mother is. However, I have a feeling that Mashima’s going to hit us with a massive twist down the line. I honestly can’t wait for that to happen.

For now, though, the training’s over, and we’ve left Foresta behind. Granted, I’m bummed that we don’t explore the fallout of the machine rebellion and its effects on the people, but that could end up occurring in the future. Until then, onward!

I Give “Following Ziggy’s Path” a 3/5

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2 thoughts on “All right, Training’s Over. Back on the Road to Ziggy! Leave a comment

  1. Man; what’s with all these amnesia plots? It’s like a d@mn Soap Opera! I’m not complaining; I like the mystery, and I feel like some cosmic force is pulling the strings that’s making all of these guys forget details like this. Even if it’s NOT a “cosmic force;” SOMEONE is making them all forget- it’s too coincidental.
    I think the Shining Stars might have been right in their speculation last chapter- there might be people living on Mother. Shiki is probably one of those people- but with something more to him than anyone realizes.
    Man……..I feel like Sister might have been hoping she’d get to see Rebecca like that. Poor, poor Rebecca; she just can’t catch a break!!

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