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Hyogoro the Flower Blossoms Once More!

One Piece Chapter 1006 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1006 Review/Recap

Ever since we first met old man Hyogoro in Udon Prison, I liked him. He was the first friend Luffy made while he was on his “involuntary vacation.” Then it turns out he was once the badass leader of the Yakuza in Wano, and my respect for the guy grew even more. Luffy found himself a powerful ally and teacher in Boss Hyogoro, and now the old man’s repaying his debt to Luffy by helping to free Wano. But will it cost him his life in the end?

One Piece Chapter 1006 Cover Page
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media


The chaos on the island continues as Yamato and Shinobu make a break for it with Momonosuke in tow. Having heard that they’re going in the opposite direction of Kin’emon and the Scabbards, Sanji’s left at a loss about what to do. Meanwhile, at the entrance to Onigashima, Perospero has defeated Carrot, Wanda, and the other Mink warriors who wished to avenge Pedro. After mocking them for their attempts to avenge their friend, Perospero heads back inside the dome to rejoin the fight.

In the main floor of the skull, everyone infected by Queen’s Oni Ice virus is beginning to succumb to its affects once more. Marco’s flames helped to suppress it, but they mean nothing if everyone runs out of stamina. However, Hyogoro and X Drake protect Chopper as he inches closer to developing a cure. Miraculously, the virus reverted Hyogoro to his prime at the cost of the rest of his life span. As a result, Hyogoro’s determined to use his remaining time to kick ass. And he does!

One Piece Chapter 1006-Hyogoro Unleashes his true power
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Unfortunately, not even his mighty strength is enough. Soon, everyone begins to succumb to the Oni Ice virus once more. Knowing that if he turns, he’ll kill everyone, Hyogoro asks the Yakuza to help him commit Seppuku.

One Piece Chapter 1006-Hyogoro prepares to commit Seppuku
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz media


I recall saying that the fighting on Onigashima is so great that we can’t hope to focus on a single portion of it for very long. This is what I was talking about. As much as I want to focus on the fight between Luffy and the Yonko, they’re just one of several important battles being fought. The most important, perhaps, but there are others of equal importance. And right now, the most important one is the fight to cure everyone of Queen’s virus.

If the virus spreads any further, it will kill scores of friend and foe alike, leaving the Alliance with no chance to win. However, if Chopper should cure everyone in time (which we know he will), the momentum of the fight could shift in the Alliance’s favor for good. I doubt the infected Beast Pirates will want to keep serving Kaido after this. However, it may be too late for Boss Hyogoro.

I like Boss Hyogoro. He’s a really cool old man that even Oden admired. And if what we just saw is any indication of how strong he was in his prime, then I think if he helped Oden then, they could’ve taken down Kaido. I’m serious. However, if this is how he wants to die, then all we can do is honor his request. He’ll die knowing that Wano will soon be from of Kaido’s grasp. Or maybe he’ll live. Either way, I respect Hyogoro the Flower.

I Give “The Honorable ‘Hyogoro the Flower’ A 3.9/5

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  1. Did you catch the mountain when we cut to the outside of Onigashima? That means we’re close to Oden Castle, right? This act seems to be reaching it’s climax, so…’ll probably end when Kaido drops the island and causes untold scores of devastation. I don’t even think we’ll cut to the outside world to see what’s going on(although I still want to see what’s going on with the former Warlords). This is gonna end badly is the main point.

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