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Series Finale Brings The Birth of the Scarlet Witch

WandaVision Episode 9-Series Finale

WandaVision Episode 9 Review

Well, everyone, it’s finally over. Nine weeks, six decades of sitcoms, twists and turns around every corner, and it’s over. We’re at the series finale of WandaVision. So, did we get everything that we wanted out of the series finale? No, we didn’t. My theory about Pietro turned out to be wrong, but more on that later. But unlike some shows whose series finales can leave us disappointed (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*), there’s not much to be dissappointed about here. It’s Marvel; we know that there’s going to be more to the story later on, so the story will continue. Ergo, I’m reviewing each part of the finale and where the show goes from here. It’s series finale time.

Wanda Embraces Her Identity…

The whole concept of WandaVision has been that Wanda’s trying to escape from the reality she’s been stuck with. One where her parents are dead, her brother’s dead, and Vision’s dead. She couldn’t deal with that, so she created the Hex. But no matter how much she wants to run from it, she has to learn to accept her reality. What she’s doing to Westview is wrong, and she can’t ignore that anymore. After Agatha continues to prod her and free everyone from her thrall, Wanda finally undoes the Hex. More importantly, though, Wanda chooses to embrace the role Agatha claims she’s meant to fulfill. She is now the Scarlet Witch.

WandaVision-The Scarlet Witch
Source-Disney, Marvel Comics

I mentally freaked out when I first saw Wanda’s Scarlet Witch outfit. It’s a perfect synergy of the classic look and what she’s known to wear in the MCU. However, it’s also very dark and foreboding looking. You go, girl!

…But Says Goodbye to Her Family For Now

Ultimately, Wanda manages to come to terms with what’s going on around her. The Hex must come to an end, even though this means saying goodbye to her Vision and sons. They all know what this means, but they all accept this. They understand that this is the only way things can be set right. And with the end of the Hex, Tommy, Billy, and the Hex Vision fade out of existence.

WandaVision-Young Heroes
Source-Disney, Marvel

I don’t buy that for a second! I don’t know how, but Tommy and Billy are going to return in some form or another. Having developed powers similar to their mom and uncle, Marvel likely means for them to become the next generation of heroes. The Young Avengers will rise one day, and they will be a part of it!

Conditional Vision and White Vision
Source-Disney, Marvel

As for Vision, even though the one Wanda made is gone, he managed to do some good. He managed to talk down the original Vision that Hayward reanimated, and unlocked all of his memories. And then, White Vision left. Like, just leaves and goes somewhere else.

So, the good news is, Vision ended up coming back for real. However, the series finale gives us no clue as to where he’s gone. I have a feeling that we’ll see him in the future of the MCU, though. He’s too good a character to be forgotten.

Jerks Get Punished

There’s not much to say here. The two antagonists of this miniseries, Hayward and Agatha, get what they deserve. Thanks to Darcy and Jimmy Woo, Hayward’s illegal actions (bringing back Vision as a sentient weapon, risking the lives of everyone in Westview) are exposed, leading to him being arrested.

As for Agatha, Wanda gives her a more fitting punishment. While everyone else in Westview’s set free, she will remain trapped in the role she chose: that of the nosy neighbor. A fitting punishment for someone who tried to take power that didn’t belong to her. That said, I know that this is temporary. The MCU will compel Marvel to eventually release her when Wanda needs her. God help us when she’s freed.

Monica Flies Again

WandaVision-We're Going to Space
Source-Marvel Comics, Disney

As for Monica, she came out of this story better than most. She helped save Wanda at her lowest point, and now she’s got superpowers of her own. And thanks to her help, Hayward’s going to be behind bars for some time. But Monica’s not meant to be grounded forever. In the mid-credits scene of the series finale, Monica’s approached by a Skrull disguised as an FBI agent. According to them, an old friend of their mom needs their help in space.

This is going to set us up for multiple routes here. On the one hand, Monica could end up being in the next Captain Marvel movie alongside her aunt Carol. On the other hand, she could be working with Nick Fury and Talos in the upcoming Secret Invasion series on Disney+. Either way, Monica’s journey to becoming a superhero’s already begun. Her mom would be proud.

By the way, Monica learned that that fake Pietro wasn’t anybody special. He was just some schmuck under Agatha’s control. No Pietro from another universe; just a dude with an embarassing last name.

Source-Marvel Comics, Disney

Can’t Wait To See What’s Next

We shouldn’t be asking whether the series the finale to WandaVision was good. Instead, we should be asking about what’s next for the MCU. This is only the first step to Phase 4 of the MCU, one that’s going to include a new Spider-Man film, the Black Widow film, and so many miniseries and shows. But above all, it’s going to be building up to one movie that everyone can’t wait to see: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. This show’s going to tie directly into that upcoming movie. It’s not known how she’ll affect it, but Wanda’s going to be playing a role in the next Doctor Strange movie. The question is whether or not she’ll be a hero or villain? I’m honestly hoping for the former, but the latter would be interesting.

Either way, this was a fitting sendoff to the first big show of 2021. Thanks for the memories, WandaVision. But question: what happened to that S.W.O.R.D. Agent that got in through the sewers?

I Give “Series Finale” a 3.9/5

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  1. I heard people were upset with the Pietro reveal. Understandable. But I don’t think that makes the whole series suck.
    As for Vision; he might vigilante around for a little bit before try to find Wanda again. But I don’t know how that storyline is going to end for them. One thing’s for sure, though: He’s not the same “Vision” anymore.
    I want to see Billy and Tommy again. And I think we will, now that Wanda has the Dark Hold. She might be able to pull a few cosmic strings. I doubt we’ve seen the last of them.

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