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The Second Weirdest Training I’ve Ever Seen

Edens Zero Chapter 131 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 131 Review/Recap

So, I think that we can all agree that after the knockdown, dragged out fight on Foresta, Shiki and the others all need training. If they’re going up against Justice, Ziggy, Shura, and Emperor Nero, they need to get stronger. Thankfully, Xenolith is going to train Shiki up to defeat his Grandpa, and the others are going to get in on this. But I should warn you guys: Xenolith’s training methods are a little…out there.

Look, we know Mashima seems to like using fanservice and appealing to fetishes. Let’s not judge him so quickly.

Edens Zero Chapter 131 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics


Fifteen years ago, Ziggy taught Shura how to use gravity Ether Gear. As a result, present-day Shura’s flourished to the point where he calls himself the King of Gravity. However, he also proves to a tyrannical king. Right before he and the Oceans 6 head out, he murders the lone machine member, Reverend Cyca. When the others become horrofied, this is the guy’s rationale:

Edens Zero Chapter 131-Shura is A Psychopath
Source-Kodansha Comics

In the sky above Foresta, Xenolith has the crew of Edens Zero undergo intense physical training using their VR system. According to Witch, the tech they use syncs with reality, letting their bodies feel the burn. She calls it VR-synC. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kleene and Jinn also join in on the training, with Kleene saying that she intends to join the crew alongside her brother.

Edens Zero Chapter 131-Jinn and Kleene Join the Crew
Kleene is a treasure and must be protected at all costs; Source-Kodansha Comics

In addition to physical training, Xeno insists on teaching everyone how to use Ether Gear even when physically restrained. And rather than explain it, I’m just going to show it outright.

I believe this is a case of expectations vs. reality. With the reality involving everyone being suspended from rope and trying to activate their Ether Gear while Xeno throws stuff at them. Unfortunately, not only do they fail to make any headway, but the VR-C gets hacked. The culprit? Apparently none other than Ziggy the Demon King!

Edens Zero Chapter 131-Ziggy Appears in the VR World
Source-Kodansha Comics


So, I’ve got several thoughts about this latest chapter that I would like to make known.

Firstly, I am very disturbed by the level of sadistic cruelty exhibited by Shura. He outright murdered one of his comrades!

Edens Zero Chapter 131-Shura Murders Reverend Cyca
Source-Kodansha Comics

It’s made even more jarring with how this chapter reveals that Shura used to be a sweet little boy. But between the time he learned how to use Ether Gear and the present, he became a monster. It’s sad, really.

Edens Zero Chapter 131-A Young Shura
Source-Kodansha Comics

Secondly, I had a feeling that Kleene and Jinn would join the crew of Edens Zero full time. Hell, I guessed that Jinn would be an eventual ally of Shiki years ago. Also, Kleene’s smile must be protected at all costs.

Third, Xenolith’s a weird guy; I still can’t pin down his personality, aside from the fact that he’s a ladies man. At the very least, he’s taking his job as a teacher seriously. And since he’s going to have to go through maintenance in a week for an extended period of time, he has to.

Fourth, as pervy as using bondage training may be, I can see the logic behind it. The best way to train oneself to use Ether Gear while restrained is through practical experience. And it’s not like Xeno’s intentionally making it sexy. Though he did that to Weisz to troll him, which is awesome.

Good chapter all around. I was caught off guard by the bondage training, as this is still a Shonen manga. That said, it’s not the craziest training method I’ve seen in manga.

I Give “VR-C” a 3/5

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3 thoughts on “The Second Weirdest Training I’ve Ever Seen Leave a comment

  1. I WAS very floored when Shura just offed Cyca like that. But considering what we’ve seen of him; it didn’t surprise me THAT he did that; just when it happened. I mean; we just met this guy last week!
    I’m starting to see Xenolith in the same way that I’ve seen Master Roshi in “Dragon Ball:” A pervert with somewhat “silly” training methods that- looking back at it- are really effective.

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