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It’s Been Agatha All Along! I Called it!

WandaVision Episode 7-EVIL LAUGH

WandaVision Episode 7 Review

To all those who said that “Neighbor Agnes” was really Agatha Harkness in disguise (myself included), go pick up that phone. Because we flipping CALLED IT!!!!! Episode 7 of WandaVision upped the already high tensions even higher as we finally got confirmation about Agatha Harkness. And if that’s not enough, we learn why Hayward wants Vision so badly. Plus, we witness the birth of a new superhero! If WandaVision doesn’t win an award after this, then I don’t know how it will!

Hayward is Evil! Or at Least a Jerk

So, remember how Hayward said that Vision didn’t want to be reactivated if he died? That he left it in his will for him to stay dead, which is why Stark and Banner didn’t try to bring him back? Well, it turns out that Director Hayward is a hypocrite. In the last episode, Darcy learned that he was tracking Vision in the Hex. But there’s more; she found files on a secret project, code-named: Cataract. I knew that this was bad news, and it turns out, I was right!

The reason why S.W.O.R.D. had Vision’s body when Wanda found him? Hayward was trying to bring him back online! He wanted to turn Vision into a weapon; that’s why S.W.O.R.D. got repurposed! And he’s not giving up on getting his newest toy back, as he’s planning on taking Wanda down for good.

Other than that, Hayward doesn’t have much to do in this episode. Neither do the trapped S.W.O.R.D. agents, or Darcy Lewis, now trapped in the Hex. Vision frees her from the mind-control, and she recaps him on his pre-Hex history. However, they have no impact on the plot of the episode. There is someone who does, though.

Agatha All Along

Before the show even started, fans suspected that “Neighbor Agnes” was really Agatha Harkness. In the comics, she was Wanda’s mentor in magic, for better or worse, and is nominally a good guy. However, as we see here, this Agatha is pure evil, and Kathryn Hahn milks her for all her hammy evil’s worth. Just look at her theme song!

Source-Disney+, Marvel Comics

Unless Mephisto shows up, I think we it’s save to assume that Agatha Harkness is the true villain of WandaVision. My theory is that when Wanda found what was left of Vision, Agatha Harkness manipulated Wanda into using her powers to create the Hex. Why? So she can leech off Wanda’s Infinity Stone powers to enhance her own. That is evil!

While I’m not surprised by the reveal of Agnes being Agatha, I still loved it. Agatha’s true personality unashamedly evil, hammy, and is not afraid to flaunt it in her wicked theme song. She’s got this evil charisma that not even Thanos has that just makes me love her. And at the same time, hate her guts! SHE KILLED SPARKY!!!!

A New Hero To Save the Day

So, to recap: Agatha’s the apparent mastermind of the Hex, she’s manipulating Wanda into holding thousands of people hostage, and may or may not have done something with Tommy and Billy. And with S.W.O.R.D. useless, no one can stop her. Or is there?

There’s still one person who can help turn the tides: Monica Rambeau. She re-entered the Hex through sheer willpower, and it seems to have permanently altered her body. Now, she seems to have gained her own, Infinity-Stone derived superpowers that make her strong enough to oppose Wanda and Agatha. And I think that she’s going to be the key to saving everyone!

WandaVision is close to its ultimate climax, and in a show filled with so many twist and turns, this episode is one of the biggest. Bring on the magic and powers!

I Give “Breaking the Fourth Wall” a 4.8/5

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  1. The show sounds like it’s amazing right now. And having Pietro there with “Snoopers Gonna Snoop” makes me wonder about HIS role in all of this. Is he working WITH Agatha? Or is he just an “Agent of Chaos-” just here to cause havoc? I mean; he’s certainly in Wanda’s mind with all that stuff he said in the Halloween episode- almost like it’s her subconscious finding a way out to tell her that this is wrong indirectly.
    Is Monica gonna get a Disney+ show, Disney+ Original Movie, or a full MCU movie?

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