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Oceans 6 Appears! Start the Hunt for Ziggy!

Edens Zero Chapter 130 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 130 Review/Recap

The war for Foresta’s come to an end, and all that’s left is for each faction to pick up the pieces. Now that Shiki knows what his Grandpa will do, he’s more determined than ever to stop him/bring him to his senses. However, Edens Zero isn’t the only group after Ziggy. Emperor Nero’s Elite Guard, the Oceans 6, have set their sights on the Demon King. In other words, the heroes will have a new enemy to fight in the near future! And what’s worse: Shura’s leading them!

Edens Zero Chapter 130 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics


Aboard their ship, Justice’s group recovers from their fights on Foresta, and goes over everything they learned about Shiki’s crew. With the prescence of Elsie, Nero, Shura, and Ziggy in Aoi Cosmos, Justice gets word from Holy of the Oracion Seis Interstellar that two more members will be coming to aid him.

Edens Zero Chapter 130-Emperor Poseidon Nero
Source-Kodansha Comics

Meanwhile, at his capital planet known as The Temple, Emperor Nero summons his elite guard, the Oceans 6, along with his son. Angered by the fact that Ziggy violated Foresta, Shura and the Oceans 6 want to go to war with Ziggy. However, Nero’s “Sacred Guiding Dice” lead him to not interfere with the ongoing events. Instead, he puts Shura in charge of the Oceans 6 to hunt down Ziggy.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 130-Oceans 6 1
  • Edens Zero Chapter 130-Oceans 6 2

Back on the Edens Zero, Xenolith explains why Ziggy targeted Foresta in the first place. In his current state, he can’t do much against his former student. However, Xeno thinks that Ziggy feared that he would Shiki and help him grow stronger. In return, Xenolith wants Shiki to find his Grandpa and defeat him.


Edens Zero Chapter 130-The Hunt for Ziggy
Source-Kodansha Comics

Considering how sadistic and bloodthirsty Drakken Joe was, I was under the impression that Emperor Nero would be just as nuts. However, it looks like the old man’s very chill. He outright says that he once called Ziggy friend, and if anything, he’s more saddened by how he’s become his own antithesis. Maybe the Oracion Seis Galactica aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be; at least, not all of them.

If anything, it’s Shura that worries me the most. That guy’s a bloodthirsty sociopath who’s likely out for his dad’s throne. Worse, it seems Ziggy gave him his Gravity Ether Gear! If anything, he’s going to be the biggest obstacle Shiki will face in the Aoi Cosmos.

As for Xenolith, I think I can see him joining the crew so he can train Shiki to face his dad. And as the fights against Ziggy and Justice clearly show, Shiki’s going to need some serious training!

Not a lot went on in this chapter, but we’re in the transitional phase between arcs, so I didn’t expect a lot to happen. Where we go from here, I’m interested in finding out, though. Okay, actually, something interesting did happen.


Edens Zero Chapter 130-Creed's Got a Crush
Source-Kodansha Comics

I Give “Oceans 6” a 2.8/5. Not Most Exciting Chapter

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One thought on “Oceans 6 Appears! Start the Hunt for Ziggy! Leave a comment

  1. I also think that Shura has it out for his father’s throne. And I think he’ll use Ziggy as a way to snuff out his dad and THEN take him out- defeating the man who slayed the ruler of the Aoi Cosmos and becoming a “Hero,” gaining the love and respect of all.
    What did you think of the Oceans 6? They were the winners of the Original Ether Gear contest. I actually do know a few of their abilities, and I have to say: Lyra’s ability is probably my favorite, but I really like Shura’s secretary Ijuna.
    I’m really excited to see what Eraser and Jaguar can do- particularly Eraser. I get real Zeref vibes from his design. And if there’s one thing I know about Zeref; it’s that he’s DANGEROUS. or at least strong.

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