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WandaVision Meets Malcolm in the Middle

WandaVision Episode 6-All-New Halloween Spooktacular

So, last week on WandaVision gave us a lot to deal with. Pietro’s back from the dead, Wanda’s fully aware that she’s created a sitcom world for herself and told S.W.O.R.D. to stay the hell away. Tommy and Billy are tweens. All the people of Westview are trapped in their own bodies. Did I mention Pietro’s back?

WandaVision Episode 5-Evan Peters is Pietro

If the last episode blew the Internet’s mind, then this episode throws into a vat of acid. Three things you need to know about this review, people. Firstly, I’m going to unpack as much as I can. Second, major spoiler alert. Thirdly, this episode is peak 90s-2000s and I love it. It’s the millennial sitcom’s time!

They made Malcolm in the Middle proud. Source: Disney+

Pietro Knows

WandaVision Episode 6-Pietro and Tommy

So, you know how some shows have that character who’s aware of the medium they’re in and actively calls out the tropes? This episode sees Pietro establish himself as that guy for this fake sitcom. He knows that his role is to be an agent of chaos and disruptive influence in Westview because that’s what Wanda wants. So he plays the part, and plays it perfectly, even bringing up the sitcom formula: “Big Guy has a conflict. Twins need a father figure for the night. Don’t sweat it sis. I got the old XY chromosome.”

Pietro fits his role so perfectly, it’s unsettling. Made even more so by the fact that he’s aware of his death, and how he’s suddenly come back. It’s crazy. I’m not even sure if this is the real Pietro or is someone else; an imposter?

Tommy and Billy Have Powers

The title says it all: Tommy and Billy have inherited powers from their parents. Tommy’s got his uncle’s super-speed, and Billy got his mom’s Mind Stone based powers.

This is a big deal as it is, but it could also lead to long-term consequences for the MCU. In the comics, Tommy and Billy become the superheroes Speed and Wiccan. The fact that they have powers only affirms that whatever happens at the end, they’re going to have a role in the future of the MCU

I Don’t Trust Hayward

WandaVision Episode 6-Hayward's up to Something
Source: Disney+

After the stunt he pulled last episode, any trust I had in Hayward’s good intentions was strained. After this episode, though, it’s gone completely! He makes it clear he’s determined to take down Wanda no matter what, and benches Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy when they object. Then, we learn that he’s found a way to track Vision in the Hex, but kept it a secret! He’s up to something!

Here’s my new theory: he doesn’t actually care about saving Westview. He just wants Vision back for some ulterior motive. I don’t know how S.W.O.R.D. got his body, but I don’t think they had the best of intentions with it. And given how this episode saw Hayward care more about Vision than anyone’s safety, he’s not done with him yet.

The Hex Expands

WandaVision Episode 6-Vision Tries to Escape
Source: Disney+

During the whole episode, Vision takes the opportunity to explore more of Westview and learns some disturbing things. For starters, anyone who isn’t in Wanda’s field of view is trapped frozen in place. Literal background characters without any roles to play. Now partially aware of what’s going on, Vision tries to leave the Hex to get help from S.W.O.R.D, leading to a very disturbing moment in which we see him begin to disintegrate in front of everyone.

So, in response, Wanda expands the Hex. That’s right, she grows the area of the Westview Hex, enveloping the S.W.O.R.D. base and most of the personnel in her fake world.

This is bad. Really, really bad. If Wanda’s capable of expanding the Hex like that, then there’s no telling how far she could take it! What if it gets to the point where she tries to cover the entire world in her spell?

WandaVision Episode 6-The Hex Grows
Source: Disney+

Is Wanda Fully Responsible?

There’s an interesting question that’s been going around since the start of the show: is Wanda the sole person responsible for what’s happening? Her powers have never been this strong before, and while they reached similar levels in the comics, that was because they got juiced up by outside sources. I think the same thing may be happening here.

The evidence? This commercial. While all the other fake commercials have been about key moments in Wanda’s life, this isn’t, and it’s far darker.

I think someone, or something’s, sucking on Wanda’s powers for their own benefit. This would make sense since even Wanda doesn’t know how the Hex came to be. Or this could all be pure conjecture on the fans part. Either way, things are getting insane.

Things are Falling Apart

As we inch closer and closer to the finale for WandaVision, we see Wanda’s attempts to create her dream life begin to fall apart. Regardless, everything’s going to end up coming to a head, and it’s going to chance the MCU.

By the time the dust settles, I think we’re going to be looking back at one of the craziest things Marvel’s ever done. I loved this episode, and its Malcolm in the Middle vibes and sense of humor, and eagerly await to see where things go from here.

I Give “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” a 5/5

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  1. Wanda’s only a “Battery” for some other force? Plausibly. Honestly; I think someone wants to use Billy and Tommy for something larger down the road- assuming that they “survive” the end of the Hex. I think they will, though; I don’t see why not.
    I wonder what Hayward wants Vision so badly for? “Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division?” Me thinks a certain X Men concept is being teased.

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