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It’s A Night of Long Odds in One Piece

One piece Chapter 1003 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1003 Review/Recap

When we learned that the Alliance planned to storm Onigashima in a surprise attack and face an enemy force that was six times their size, I knew that Luffy and his friends were in for a tough fight. So far, they’ve held it together, with the Alliance already taking out some key members of the Beast Pirates. Plus, the Worst Generation of Pirates is now locked in combat with Big Mom and Kaido themselves. Even after all this, though, I know that the heroes face down long odds if they want to win. And unless they do something to thin out the enemy’s ranks, they’re going to get overwhelmed.

One piece Chapter 1003 Cover Page


  • One Piece Chapter 1003-Luffy Pummels the Snot out of Kaido
  • One Piece Chapter 1003-Luffy Loses his Strength

Luffy continues to tear into Kaido with the power of Gear Fourth, and to everyone’s surprise, he does some damage to him. However, Luffy’s timer runs out, and he collapses from the strain. Now reinvigorated, Big Mom and Kaido go back on the offensive, putting the Supernovas on the backfoot. However, Zoro manages to score a hit on Kaido with Enma.

One Piece Chapter 1003-Sword Slays Dragon
Get ’em Zoro!!!!

Impressed with how well the Supernovas have managed to do, Kaido and Big Mom proclaim how things are starting to get fun as Kaido transforms into his hybrid form. In other words, they’re starting to get serious.

One Piece Chapter 1003-The Yonko Get Serious

While all of this is going on, a group of unexpected guests has been watching the events taking place: CP 0, or CP Aegis. They came to Wano to due business with Orochi, but since he’s apparently dead, they’re sitting back to watch the carnage. As they note, the Alliance is doing well, but they’re still greatly outnumbered by the Beast Pirates. Either way, though, they hope to benefit from the victor of this war between pirates.

That’s bad.

One Piece Chapter 1003-CP0


As I said before, the Alliance is facing down long odds to beat the Yonko. It took the World Government bringing all their forces to bear against Whitebeard, and even then, they only barely won! The Alliance is going to be hard-pressed to win against the Yonko. But I know they can.

Hmm…the Alliance is outnumbered six to one. The only way to turn the tide of battle is to take out as many of the officers as possible. They can still win

Here’s how I see things. So far, the Alliance has suffered around 400 casualties, but they’ve inflicted about 3,000 on the enemy. That’s about 10% of their forces thus far. What’s more, the Alliance was smart enough to infiltrate the island and surround the enemy before striking. Make the enemy fight on your terms, not on theirs! What’s more, I’m betting that the Alliance has the better trained and better motivated forces, since they’re fighting for their freedom. They’re going to tear into the enemy with anger and resentment that’s been bred for twenty years.

The real problem is the enemy officers. As long as they executives of the Beast Pirates remain in play, the enemy will be to regroup. In other words, if the Alliance wants to win, they need to defeat the enemy officers. After that, the rank and file will retreat.

The stakes are set, and the rules on how to win are clear. But given how strong the Alliance is, I have no doubts that they’ll win. Long odds or not, Luffy can do the impossible, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I Give “The Night Reflected on a Go Board” a 3.8/5

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  1. The Aigis 0 talked about what would happen if 2 Yonkou were to fall. Do you think that implies that they’ll intervene if it looks like they both might die? I Doubt it, but I need a second opinion.

  2. Because it’s like: The world would end up getting TWICE as bad as when Whitebeard died. it would create an even LARGER power vacuum, wouldn’t it? So would they end up getting involved to prevent that kind of chaos- if for no other reason than the fact that the Marines can’t deal with it right now?

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