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Hermit Shows Us What’s Important to Her

Edens Zero Chapter 128 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 128 Review/Recap

Few things are as satisfying in life as seeing some scumbag in a work of fiction get what’s coming to them. And I was in ecstasy when I saw how the last chapter of Edens Zero ended with Muller getting it’s just desserts. But the karma didn’t stop there. As we see in this week’s chapter, Hermit puts Muller in its place and reaffirms what’s important to her.

Edens Zero Chapter 128 Cover Page


Thanks to Muller’s self-destruct sequence, Foresta is close to becoming space dust. In addition, a bunch of drones keep chasing after Shiki and the others. Fortunately, the heroes manage to take care of the machines in an incredibly badass action-sequence.

Edens Zero Chapter 128-Badass Scene

On board the station, Hermit wastes no time in getting to work on removing the virus. However, she’s then met by a pitiful sight: what remains of Muller, begging for Hermit to save it. Muller spouts nonsense about seeing the error of its ways and saying whatever it has to to survive. Thankfully, no one buys the monster’s BS, and after using Muller for a retinal scan, Hermit kicks her former tormentor to the curb.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 128- Muller or What's left of It
  • Edens Zero Chapter 128-Hermit Gives Muller A Dose of Karma

Thanks to Muller, she now understands what’s truly important to her in life: her real friends. And with that, Ziggy’s virus is erased, the self-destruct sequence is stopped, and Foresta’s saved. All that’s left now is for humans and machines to rebuild and reconcile.

Edens Zero Chapter 128-Hermit Reaffirms What's Important


It’s over. The madness and hate that Ziggy unleashed on Foresta is finally over. But it came at a great cost. Thanks to Ziggy, so many humans and machines lost their lives. That’s not something that people will be willing to forgive or forget so easily. I’m not even sure if the machines will be able to forgive themselves for what they did!

Edens Zero Chapter 128-Remembering the Fallen

I know that it’s going to sound totally cheesy, but the only solution to this kind of hatred is love and forgiveness. The humans will have to learn to forgive the machines for what they were forced to do. But I have hope that they will.

In the meantime, I’m glad to see Hermit reaffirm what’s important to her, and conquer her fear of Muller. And to top it off, Sister managed to save Kleene! She erased the memory of the torture that Muller inflicted on her brother. While I don’t approve of mind-wiping to heal emotional scars, I can’t think of any better solutions. It’s for the best, really.

Edens Zero Chapter 128- Sister Erases Kleene's Memory

It looks like the Foresta Arc’s finally wrapping up. Next week, we deal with the aftermath and the consequences of everybody’s actions. What’s important, though, is that Shiki has to stop his Grandpa before he causes an interstellar war between man and machine. Bring it on.

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I Give “What’s Important” A 4/5

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  1. Congrats on a hundred followers, my guy! It’s good to see someone reach such a milestone in any field- but so few do. you earned, man!
    Yeah- this was cathartic. And Karma isn’t really done with him yet. I doubt Ziggy will be too too happy with his epic failure. Kleene may have gotten that memory wiped, but Kris didn’t- he’s still upset about that. So he might have a thing or 2 to say to him. Not to mention all the machines and people on Foresta he just messed with. i get the feeling his suffering has only just begun, And I can’t wait to see it all happen.
    YEAH…….this was probably the best possible thing that could have been done for Kleene. However; I think it might have a profound impact on her character- if for nothing more than the fact that now she’s healed and Kris will want to leave the ship now.
    The fallout of this arc is gonna be rather hefty when you take all of this into consideration. I expect a few chapters on all of this- even if we don’t end up getting it.

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