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Emperors vs. The New Generation

One Piece Chapter 1002 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1002 Review/Recap

For those of you who enjoy One Piece for the sheer amount of action that it has, then you’re going to love this chapter. It’s nothing but action and fight scenes in what could end up being the most epic fights in shonen history. On one side, we have the Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom. Their opponents, from the New Generation of Pirates: Luffy, Zoro, Killer, Kid, and Law! Can our underdogs take down the monstrous Yonko before they destroy Wano? I don’t know, but I’m going to love seeing this!

One Piece Chapter 1002 Cover Page


It’s a clash of demi-gods as the seven pirates fight throw everything they have at each other. One after another, the New Generation of Supernovas unload their strongest attacks on Kaido. And the scariest thing is the fact that it’s working. Kaido’s starting to feel the hurt!

  • One Piece Chapter 1002-Bring the Pain
  • One Piece Chapter 1002- Kicking Kaido's Ass

Just as it looks like Kaido’s starting to feel the pressure, Big Mom charges in and shocks Killer with Zeus, giving Kaido the chance to counterattack. To end the fight for good, Zoro charges in with Oden’s sword, Enma, and prepares to end Kaido. He misses, but this was the result!

One Piece Chapter 1002-Zoro's Newfound Power
Holy ****

Caught off guard, the Supernovas are left helpless as Big Mom calls on her lightning to take them all out. The only one left standing is Luffy thanks to his immunity to lightning. And when Kaido tries to obliterate him, Luffy powers on through sheer will to deliver a punishing blow to Kaido!

One Piece Chapter 1002-Gomu Gomu No Kong Gatling


When the anime comes out for this fight, I’m going to watch every second of it. This probably the best fight that One Piece has seen in years! Pure epicness, just like it should be! First, the fact that Zoro cut through one of the horns of Onigashima with Enma! The only other people who could do that would be Mihawk and Oden Kozuki; it’s amazing! Then there’s the fact that Big Mom warned Kaido to dodge his attack, and how afraid the Yonko was of Oden’s aura coming from Enma. If what they’re saying is true, had Zoro not missed, that attack could’ve brought Kaido down for good.

However, while the Yonko seem to be on the backfoot, I know it’s not that easy. The two Emperor’s are only now starting to take things seriously. Once they go all out, then the New Generation will have to fight tooth and nail to win. Then there’s Luffy himself. His Gear Fourth is strong, but he can’t maintain it for long. And when it wears off, he can’t move for several minutes. Either Luffy needs to fix this problem, or wear the enemy down enough give them the advantage.

No matter how you slice it, this fight’s only getting started. By my guess, this is going to take several months to fully resolve, but I’d expect nothing less. Oda knows how this is one of the most important arcs in One Piece history, so it needs an epic climax.

Overall, this chapter was short, but filled to the brim with action. I loved it! Can’t wait for the anime!

I Give “Emperors vs. The New Generation” A 4/5

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  1. I think through his battle with Katakuri and all this training to learn Ryuo; Luffy’s armament should be stronger. Yeah, I know the Katakuri fight was more about improving his Observation Haki. But his Armament DEFINITELY got a boost- being able to use it longer and stronger than it was before since they used Armament a lot in that fight.
    Between that and the Ryuo training; Luffy should be able to maintain Gear 4th for a while. But the time in which he needs to recharge is probably still the same (10 minutes, I believe). He should be able to get Kaido’s “health” down enough for the others to start doing some SERIOUS damage.
    This battle is going to look GODLY in the anime. As it should. I can’t wait to see what it does for “One Piece’s” popularity when it does. Let’s get 500 Million copies sold in the next 2 years, Oda!

  2. I like to see that the Pirates other than Luffy get an opportunity to shine. I feel like Zoro hasn’t participated in a full fight in years.

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