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Muller Pulls a Planet Namek on the Heroes

Edens Zero Chapter 127 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 127 Review/Recap

Do I have any longtime anime and manga fans here? If the answer’s yes, then you might have heard of Planet Namek? That alien planet the heroes went to in Dragon Ball Z that Frieza blew up at the end of the saga. Why am I bringing this up now? Simple: because Muller’s trying to pull a Planet Namek in the new chapter of Edens Zero, and that makes me hate him so much, I refuse to call him a person. I will now refer to Muller as an “it”.

Edens Zero Chapter 127 Cover Page


Back on the Edens Zero, Kleene’s barely holding on, and Sister has no clue as to what’s wrong with her. Left with no alternative, Sister resorts to diving into Kleene’s memories to uncover the source of her trauma. Meanwhile, on the space station, it’s revealed how Muller knows the Rutherford Siblings. Their parents were benefactor’s of it’s lab, and after it got arrested, they withdrew their support. Once Muller escaped prison, it murdered them and abducted the two. As part of its sadistic experiment, Muller tore apart Jinn’s body until Kleene emotionally broke.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 127-Muller is a Demon

Enraged beyond the point of any mercy, Weisz beats the absolute shit out of Muller.

Edens Zero Chapter 127-KILL THE MONSTER!

However, as a last resort, Muller pulls a Planet Namek: it activates a self-destruct system that will destroy Foresta! It then shatters Weisz’s Arsenal suit and prepares to deliver a fatal blow. Thankfully, the timely arrival of Laguna prevents that. Better still, it gives Weisz the opening he needs to obliterate the monster once and for all.

Edens Zero Chapter 127-Pure. Catharsis


God, that was so cathartic!! From the moment that we met Muller and learned that it was a psychopathic monster, I’ve wanted to see it get what it deserves. Note how I’m using the word “it” instead of “him” to describe Muller now. That’s because I can’t even bring myself to call that monster a person anymore. It’s a sad, pathetic excuse for a sentient being, and seeing it die is cathartic! With that, whatever plans Ziggy had for Foresta may have finally been stopped.

It’s not over yet, though. Thanks to the Planet Namek that Muller pulled, the whole planet may explode! Countless beings will die if that happens. I pray that there’s still time for Hermit and Weisz to fix this mess before it’s unsalvageable. It wouldn’t be the first time that Mashima’s resorted to a last-minute save, but it’s always a pleasure to watch. As for me, I’m hoping that this means that Sister can heal the damage Muller did to Kleene. Great arc, overall. I love it!

I Give “The Doomsday System” a 4.5/5

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  1. Foresta is probably my favorite arc in the series right now. i like the character interactions, the sheer chaotic nature of it all, and just in general how well it was structured. Everything connects to everything, and character meetings have set up the future of the story going forward.
    Yeah; I hope Mashima finds a nice way of ending this arc an a good note. I don’t want a “out-of-nowhere_ save, but I do want the planet to survive. Especially for that little girls sake, and keeping the importance of the server thread. Yeah; it was cathardic to see Muller get what it had coming to em. But imagine they stop the server, and then the planet explodes? They would have turned these machines back to normal so just long enough for them to realize what they’ve done. They’d die sad, regretful deaths. And the last the humans did was act like pets and watch each other get offed.
    I also hope they don’t result to Rebecca jumping to world 31 just to save this world. We just had a HUGE arc where that played a role- let’s keep that on the “back burner” for a minute. Rewind might be a way to do save this, but I don’t think it’ll help much since she doesn’t know exactly what’s going on like she did before.
    Great post, man; I really like it!

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