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The Exciting Birth of Twins! Now In Color!

WandaVision-Wanda is Enciente

WandaVision Episode 3 Review

After careful deliberation and consulting my knowledge of the history of Marvel comics, I believe that I have come to a conclusion as to what’s going on in WandaVision. Yeah, it’s all Wanda’s doing; she trapped an entire town in a reality-altering bubble so she can have her happy life with Vision. And the twins. They now magically have twins.

If you know Wanda’s history in the comics, this will make a lot more sense. If not, then buckle up. This is going to get weird. I love the 70’s intro, though.

Unexpected Twins

After Wanda forcibly reset her ideal life at the end of last episode, the show moved into the full color of the 70s. The big difference, though, was that now she was unexpectedly pregnant with twins!

WandaVision-Wanda is Enciente

Normally, the birth of twins would be a cause for excitement and celebration. In a sitcom about a synthezoid and a pseudo-magical girl, though, it leads to hijinks. As Wanda’s pregnancy rapidly progresses due to her magic, she starts messing things up around the house. By the time Vision goes to get the doctor again, Wanda’s gone into labor. Fortunately, “Geraldine” helps deliver the twins safely. Bada bing, Wanda and Vision have two boys: Tommy and Billy!

WandaVision-The Exciting Birth of Twins

Like I said, this should be cause for celebration. But the viewers note that more cracks are beginning to form in Wanda’s dream life. And more people are beginning to notice.

Something is Wrong in Westview

The first thing that shows something’s wrong is how fast Wanda goes from pregnant into labor: a few hours. Even factoring in magic or superpowers, that’s not normal! But it’s more than that, though. Vision starts to catch on that something is very, very wrong in Westview, bringing up the unexplained occurences in the previous episodes. The fact that Wanda begins to panic as he mentions them only confirms my supsicions: Wanda is actively fighting any attempts to break whatever is going on. At one point, she even rewinds events so that Vision never brings up these supsicions.

The biggest clue we got as to what’s happening doesn’t even come from the main characters, though. It comes from the supporting cast. Several people in Westview make comments on how strange things are, or how hard it is to escape. And then “Geraldine” drops a bombshell when she mentions how Wanda’s brother was killed by Ultron. In the next scene, Wanda coldly tells a confused Vision that “Geraldine” had to leave. Then the setting (and camera angles) bring us back to reality as we see “Geraldine” being flung out of some kind of bubble.

WandaVision-Yeah, Something is Clearly Wrong

Based on this, I was able to figure out some important details about the mystery of the show. Westview is, in fact, a real location, and most, if not all, of the people living there real people. Given how scared they are, I can only assume that they were unwillingly dragged into whatever crazy mess is going on. And on some level, they seem to be aware of the danger they’re in and are trying to escape.

Bottom line, whatever’s happening to Wanda is worse than we could have imagined.

What of the Twins?

But what of the twins, Tommy and Billy? Are they real, or are they a product of this illusion? The most likely answer is, yes and no.

In my previous review, I mentioned how Wanda had kids that were erased from existence. There’s a reason why: they were fragments to the soul of a very powerful, demonic entity. When he reabsorbed them, they ceased to exist. However, they ended up reincarnating as two teenagers who would become the superheroes Wiccan and Speed.

When the series inevitably ends and we uncover the mystery of WandaVision, will the twins end up ceasing to exist. Or will they mirror their comic book counterparts and reincarnate? Either way, this is a big bombshell to drop on us.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I think that every MCU fan should be paying attention to this. It’s going to lead big changes going forward.

I Give “Now in Color” A 5/5

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  1. “The Devils In The Details- And That’s Not The Only Place He Is.” The way I see it: This is all Wanda’s doing, and a few extradimensional entities are using these fractures in reality to make some major moves on Earth. Mephisto; Nightmare; possibly even Dormamu- all of them must be looking at this as a “golden opportunity. And if THAT’s the case; I can see it being possible that the twins are AGENTS for one of these freaks.
    Like; they might just be Mephisto’s minions, rather than being fragments of his soul like in the comics. Or- going with your reincarnation idea- they could be reincarnations of Zealots of Dormamu.
    I can’t watch the series, so reviews like yours are the only way I can figure out what’s going on. So I thank you for that.

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