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The Depravity of Dr. Muller Disgusts Me!

Edens Zero Chapter 126 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 126 Review/Recap

I’ve been reviewing Edens Zero for two years now, and during that time, I’ve seen many villains that disgust me. That frog-man Illega, Homura’s mother, Drakken Joe. However, you know which villain I hate the most right now? Dr. Muller, the psychopathic robophile that traumatized poor Hermit. As the fight to free Foresta spirals even further out of control, we see the true depths of Dr. Muller’s depravity laid bare. That’s right; Muller’s even worse than he already was!

Edens Zero Chapter 126 Cover Page


Picking up where the last chapter left off, Shiki has an…interesting delayed reaction when he learns that Xenolith was Ziggy’s mentor. According to Xenolith, he was once a human from the Dark Ages. For various reasons, he transferred his mind into a robot body. And he’s not happy that Ziggy spread his teachings around the universe or that he fell to the darkness of gravity.

Edens Zero Chapter 126-Heavenly Knights of the Dancing Sakura

Elsewhere, Elsie and Justice’s sides are forced to retreat after Xenolith’s interference. Fortunately, Homura’s freed from her prison and spirited away by Rebecca, Happy, Pino and the little girl she rescued. Tragically, the girl reveals that the robot that was murdered by the Nero Commando’s was her friend.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 126-Homura Freed
  • Edens Zero Chapter 126-Rebecca Rides to the Rescue
  • Edens Zero Chapter 126-Poor Mimi

Back on Edens Zero, Kleene’s on the verge of a full mental breakdown as Jinn can only look on, begging Sister to save her. The reason as to why is revealed onboard the station. As Dr. Muller continues to shrug off Weisz’s attacks, he sadistically reveals how he turned himself into a cyborg. He experimented on dozens of human victims, with Kleene and Jinn his “best work.” He made Kleene watch as he dismembered Jinn.

Edens Zero Chapter 126-Dr. Muller Must Die


Before we get to what I want to talk about, I should discuss some of the important things that happened in this chapter. First and foremost, about Xenolith. We’ve kept hearing about the “Dark Ages” from centuries ago. It was an important part of the history of the universe, but we know little about it. I almost forgot about the concept, it was barely mentioned. Now we have someone who lived in that time. And there was the name of the group he was a part of: the Heavenly Knights of the Dancing Sakura. A group like that doesn’t get name-dropped unless they have some significance later on.

Secondly, there’s that poor little girl who was friends with Mimi. I remember how brutal the little machine’s death was; one of the few machines that didn’t succumb to whatever virus Ziggy unleashed. I know it’s a cliche, but I hope that Mashima pulls a Deus Ex Machina and brings Mimi back.

Edens Zero Chapter 126-Kleene's Nervous Breakdown

There’s one person that I want nothing more than to throw into the nearest star, though: Dr. Muller. I called the chapter he debuted in utterly sadistic and loathe his very existence. But after learning that he tortured the Rutherford siblings and made Kleene the way she is?!? I want Dr. Muller to either face justice or face death for what he’s done. Mashima, stop dragging your heels and let us see him get his just desserts, already!

Other than that, good chapter, though the title was a bit misleading, given how Dr. Muller wasn’t the main focus until the end.

I Give “This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous” a 3.25/5

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  1. I notice that Mashima’s chapter titles can be a little bit “off focus,” or hone in on this specific moment at the end that doesn’t come up until then. It’s…..weird.
    I’m over Muller; I just want him gone. And I don’t mean locked up again- I mean I want him dead. And…..okay; we can’t ignore the fact that he existed. He’s important for 3 of the main cast emotional backstories. He’ll- unfortunately- be a big part of their character development.
    That said; I think the we’ll see Kris and Hermit getting some get back soon. Hermit’s will probably next chapter, and Kris…..if he finds out Muller is there- NOW. If he lives(as I suspect he will), then possibly later, if Ziggy doesn’t off him for failure.

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