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Heart of Gravity

Edens Zero Chapter 125 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 125 Review/Recap

Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve been on break for the holidays, but now I’m back and ready to review more manga, more anime, and more pop culture goodness! And I’ve got some good news and bad news for everyone. The good news is that the Edens Zero anime is on track to be released in April, though I don’t know if I’ll be reviewing it. As for the bad news, the website where I read the manga is gone, so the links no longer work. But I found a new website, though, so I’m good! Now, let’s get the new year started off right with Shiki as he looks deep into the heart of gravity and sees his true potential lay before him.

Edens Zero Chapter 125 Cover Page


Having lost contact with Weisz and Hermit for some time, Witch and Sister order Laguna to head into the satellite relay after them. Inside, the pair find themselves at the mercy of the lunatic Dr. Muller, who’s determined to break Hermit and pick apart Weisz’s brain for his own sick interest. Somehow, through sheer willpower, Weisz manages to activate his Arsenal Suit and give Muller a very cathartic punch before snapping Hermit out of her PTSD.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 125 Weisz at the Mercy of the Dr
  • Edens Zero Chapter 125 Arsenal Pounds the Dr

However, Muller becomes even more unhinged than before and cranks up the intensity of the virus on Foresta. Instead of merely enslaving humans, the robots begin to outright kill them!

  • Edens Zero Chapter 125 The Dr Goes Nuts
  • Edens Zero Chapter 125

Rebecca, Happy, and Pino can only look on in horror at what’s happening, but quickly jump into the fray to rescue a little girl fleeing for her life. Meanwhile, Shiki’s approached by the mystery robot from before, who proceeds to use gravity ether gear to make his pain lighter, but not heal him. The machine then explains the true power of the heart of gravity. From bending the forces that bind the universe to attracting people to him, the power of gravity is infinite. As a testament to this, the machine then uses gravity ether to immobilize everyone on Foresta!

  • Edens Zero Chapter 125- Xenolith's True Power
  • Edens Zero Chapter 125 Xenolith immobilizes Foresta

As Shiki looks on, completely awestruck, his savior finally reveals his identity. His name is Xenolith, founder of the Gravity Martial Arts and mentor to Ziggy the Demon King.

Edens Zero Chapter 125 Xenolith, the Master to Shiki's Master


You know, I had a feeling that Xenolith was going to play a role in the Foresta Arc after he was name-dropped in chapter 112. However, I was under the impression that it would be as a recording or some form of ancient text he left behind. I had no idea that he was still alive! Or that he was mentor to Ziggy! Well played Mashima. Well played.

The fact that Xenolith’s appearing before Shiki now can only mean one thing: he intends to train him, likely to undo the damage that Ziggy has wrought. Or perhaps he will enlighten us as to whatever malevolent force has turned the once-peaceful Ziggy into a genocidal maniac. Either way, we know that Shiki has to level up his Ether Gear. Because after seeing what Xenolith could do, we know that the Heart of Gravity is capable of tearing apart planets. In fact, I’m convinced it could warp reality at its peak. That’s right, I think Xenolith was holding back!

For the moment, the fighting on Foresta has ceased, so the focus will be on Shiki and Xenolith and Weisz, Hermit and Dr. Muller. Speaking of Muller, I officially can’t stand the sight of him and I want Weisz and Hermit to tear him apart!

Overall, I think that this chapter was a strong start to the year for Edens Zero. With the upcoming anime adaptation in the Spring, I’m expecting the manga to become more popular than ever. Ergo, Mashima has to up his game. Like this!

Edens Zero Chapter 125

I Give “Heart of Gravity” a 4.5/5

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  1. It’s sad that the old site has shut down. But I also managed to find 2 new sites to read it on. As for the chapter; I believe that Xenolith was holding back as well. If Ziggy destroyed Granbell, then his mentor should be capable of at least leveling a solar system!
    I guess Xenolith is going to be in Ziggy, Shiki, and Shura’s little match amongst gravity wielders- even if nothing more than an observer. He might know a thing or 2 about what happened to Ziggy- or possibly nothing at all.
    This arc has been SO MUCH FUN. I hope it goes on a little bit longer.

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