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Monkey D. Luffy, King of the Pirates

One Piece Chapter 1000 Review/Recap

Everyone, we did it! Twenty-three years, 97 Volumes, 14 movies, dozens of games, and a fanbase spanning the world. That’s how One Piece has come. And now, we hit the historic 1,000th chapter in time for 2021. Granted, it got leaked days earlier, but that’s not the point. As we celebrate the stories thousandth chapter, we look at the man at its heart, Monkey D. Luffy. And let me tell you, this chapter does a hell of a job showing how far he’s come.


At last, Luffy Makes it to the fifth floor of Onigashima. Inurashi’s musketeer squad having paved the way. Thanking them, Luffy makes it to the roof. At the same time, Marco manages to send Zoro skyward, as well. Elsewhere, Kidd, Killer, and Law also make it to the roof of Onigashima.

In their hiding place, Yamato continues telling Momonosuke the secrets his father left in his journal. The most important thing Yamato read, though, was Oden and the Roger Pirates belief in the future. Twenty years following Oden’s death, a new generation of powerful pirates would journey to the New World. They would be the ones to free Wano.

This is going to be awesome!

On the dome of Onigashima, the two Yonko face five of the Worst Generation, at last. Big Mom and Kaido demand that Luffy pay for what he’s done to them. Luffy pays them no heed, though. He goes to the fallen Scabbards and Izo, and, to his relief, learns that they’re alive. Asking Law to send them somewhere safe, Luffy then gives the Yonko the attention they deserve.

What happens next, I cannot describe in words. Just see it for yourself.

The look of pure terror on Big Mom’s face!! I’VE BEEN WANTING TO SEE THAT FOR SO LONG!!


There will likely be fans who will complain about how the 1,000th chapter of One Piece turned out. They may say it lacked enough action or stakes. However, that’s not the point to this chapter. The point of this chapter is to return us to the basis of Monkey D. Luffy. To remind us of how much Luffy’s grown in 1,000 chapters. Luffy’s always been strong, but now we see him knock down a Yonko! The guys that have been built up as like gods in One Piece? How awesome is that?!?

My favorite scene to this chapter, though? It would be this moment. Big Mom and Kaido try to intimidate him into begging for mercy. However, he just walks by them like they don’t matter. Because they don’t. The intent is clear: He’s a King, and he doesn’t need to fear the likes of the Yonko. They should fear him.

2020 is now out, and 2021 is in. If this is how Oda’s going to start 2021, then this will be a good year, indeed. Luffy, KICK THEIR ASSES!!!!

I Give “Strawhat Luffy” a 5/5

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