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Jelsie, the Ship I Refuse to Board

Edens Zero Chapter 124-Jelsie's Deadly Kiss

Edens Zero Chapter 124 Review/Recap

So, I thought that Edens Zero would be on break until after the New Year. Therefore, I had no clue that the next chapter of the manga had been released on the Internet. But given how we ended the last chapter with Elsie and Justice about to duke it out, I couldn’t resist. Speaking of those two, I want to make things clear. Unless things change, I refuse to board the ship of Jelsie. It’s way more messed up than Jerza.

Edens Zero Chapter 124 Cover Page
This is a…very suggestive pose, Mashima; Source-Kodansha Comics


Now utterly infuriated that Justice would seek to harm Shiki, Elsie wastes no time in attacking her foe. The resulting clash of ether’s so great, poor Shiki gets blown away by it. As all of this goes down, Elsie’s lieutenant’s locate Justice’s men. Both sides unleash the power of their Ether Gear and begin, with Homura’s freedom at stake.

Back with the clash between the Oracion Seris members, more about Elsie and Justice’s history is revealed, as well as the reason why Jelsie failed. When they were children, Elsie and Justice (whose real name is James) were the Prince and Princess of two kingdoms. They were to be wed when they grew up to unite their kingdoms. However, Else discovered a dark secret behind their homes that could’ve wiped out their part of the universe. Instead, Elsie told people the truth, and the resulting war destroyed their home and families. The Jelsie ship was sunk.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 124-Young Jelsie 1
  • Edens Zero Chapter 124-Young Jelsie 2

In the present day, in order to prove that their relationship is dead, Justice kisses Elsie just so he can stab her. Except, she was planning to do the exact same thing.

Edens Zero Chapter 124-Jelsie's Deadly Kiss
Source-Kodansha Comics


Ever since their first appearance in the manga, people have compared Elsie and Justice to their respective counterparts in Fairy Tail, Erza and Jellal. It made sense in context: childhood friends turned enemies, friends again, and then a lot of ship teasing! (I ship Jerza, by the way.) Naturally, the shipping aspect carried over here to create Jelsie. However, it’s now apparent that Jelsie’s not like Jerza. Instead, Jelsie is a dark, twisted version of Erza and Jellal’s relationship.

We don’t know the full story about what happened to Elsie and Justice as kids, so we lack the full context. At the moment, though, it sounds like Elsie found herself in a no-win situation. The kind where, no matter what decision she made, people would die. But Justice’s sense of justice is so emotionally stunted he can’t see it like that. As a result, this is the outcome: two people who could’ve been lovers end up as deadly enemies. Until further notice, consider Jelsie sunk!

As for Shiki, this fight’s shown him that he needs to get even stronger so this won’t happen again. However, he may get some help in the form of this mysterious, robotic looking mentor type. We’ll have to wait until the New Year, though. Great chapter to end 2020 on, though.

I Give “Kiss & Die” a 4.5/5

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8 thoughts on “Jelsie, the Ship I Refuse to Board Leave a comment

  1. I think I like Hyoga more than Gowen, though Gowen isn’t bad. And did you catch the teasing of Creed liking Homura? I kind of laughed at that part.
    I love a mid arc training session- I just like training arcs in general. And I’ve been thinking ever since Laguna undermined Shiki’s win against Drakken that he should start training at some point. Though I didn’t expect it to be here and now. Not that I’m complaining; he probably needs all the help he can get to combat Shura and Ziggy in the future.
    YEAH…….”Jelsie” is a bit of a……a WEIRD situation for the both of them. I don’t know what Mashima has in store for the 2 of them, but I think there’s too much “bagging” here to salvage a relationship.
    Another great chapter to end the year! Man; with all these leak chapters; are we gonna be 2 weeks behind? Like; these were the first 2 chapters that were supposed to come out next year. So are we gonna be lacking a new chapter for a few weeks?

  2. Yeah; the one with the Ice wall is Hyoga, and Gowen is the one with the Flame powers. The scene I’m referring to happens on page 6. Creed looks down at Homura and thinks “She’s kind of pretty.” And yeah; these leaks are kind of weird. I hope they don’t seriously mess up the release schedule.

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