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Goodbye, 2020, and Good Riddance

Jay’s Reasons Why 2020 Was the Year from Hell

SCREW 2020. I mean it. If I could describe what this year looked like, I’d call it a dumpster fire that humanity tried to put out for months, only to fail and decide to just let burn itself out. We’ve seen race riots, insects invading from hell, countless people have died while others have gone for months without work. And worst of all, we can’t go anywhere to escape the hardship since everything’s closed.

The point is, the year 2020 will likely be remembered as one of the worst years in human history. Not the worst, mind you; the years 536, 1347, 1919, 1933, and 1968 are all equal contenders for that. That said, what makes 2020 stand out is the sheer number of awful things that happened in rapid succession.

As we inch closer to a new and (hopefully) more optimistic year, I wanted to go over the reasons why I call 2020 the Year from Hell.

Everything’s on Fire

We were only a few hours into 2020 when we got our first terrible event. Due to extremely dry weather conditions influenced by climate change, the Australian wilderness became a tinderbox waiting to go off. When it finally did, the resulting bushfires ravaged much of Australia. Dozens of people died, thousands of buildings were destroyed, and tens of thousands of square miles of land were set ablaze. And the worst part? It’s estimated that billions of animals were either threatened by the loss of their homes or outright killed in the inferno. Some species may have even gone extinct from the inferno.

Months later, California fared no better, facing the worst wildfire season in its recorded history, and one that’s still ongoing. It got so bad that a few months ago, people in California could wake up to a sky tinted hues of red and orange from the fires.

Bottom line, the Earth started to catch on fire, and that’s not good for anyone.

Death of George Floyd and Ongoing Protests

Time and again, we’ve heard stories of minorities being killed by police in the US that never should have happened. Or at the least, could have been prevented. Then we saw or heard about the Death of George Floyd over Memorial Day Weekend. And something inside the collective consciousness of the American people just…snapped.

People decided that enough was enough, and that the way we run law enforcement in the US cannot continue as it has. In the months since, millions have taken to the streets to protest racism and police brutality in America. Celebrities and politicians took to social media to speak out in solidarity with the protestors. Even TV networks for kids and young adults spoke out. I was one of the people who spoke out in support!

These protests have returned the issue of racism to the forefront of life in America, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. While I hope that this will lead to genuine reform, for now, this is just another reminder of how much of a nightmare this year’s been.

Everything’s Cancelled

I’m proud to call myself a nerd, and I wholeheartedly embrace geek culture. I love going to conventions, movie premieres, and all the trappings of the fandom lifestyle. However, all of that came crashing to a halt in 2020.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, throwing actual conventions is impossible. As a result, many Cons around the US were forced to shut their doors for this year, or adapt to an online-only setting. While high-profile events such as NYCC were able to conduct virtual events online, it’s the not the same as being at an actual convention.

This isn’t limited to geek culture, either. All over the world, major events meant to celebrate important dates and holidays were either cancelled, like the Summer Olympics, or altered to involve as few people as possible. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade looked so sad without anyone watching!

No Big Blockbusters in 2020

Remember when Summer was all about those big films that we spent months getting hyped up about? Not this year, sadly! COVID-19 ground the moviegoing industry to a screeching halt, as few dared to risk going out and catching the virus. As a result, many big films were either forced to be released on streaming platforms, or had their release dates pushed back to 2021.

Of all the blockbuster franchises that suffered, the MCU got a very bitter blow. For the first time in ten years, no new MCU content was released. The franchise that had become a staple of pop culture suffered a major setback, one that it needs to work extra hard to fix in 2021. Here’s hoping!

Murder Hornets=Nightmares Made Flesh

There are only a few things in this world that will make me run for the hills, and wasps are one of them. I just can’t stand the little flying monsters. So, when I heard about the state of Washington being invaded by these giant hornets from Asia, I felt my heart stop in terror.

In case you missed it, these “Murder Hornets” are several times the size of honey bees; their stingers are like getting impaled by hot metal. And their venom’s strong enough to stop a person’s heart. Did I also mention they can wipe an entire beehive in hours?

I’m so terrified of them that I refused to include a picture for this post.

Trump Keeps Making a Fool of Himself

I’ve already made my opinion on Donald Trump known: I don’t like him. At all. But I feel like my dislike for the business mogul-turned-President sunk to new depths in 2020. If you read my opinion piece on why he lost re-election, then you’ll know why I don’t like him. However, I’m going to sum up all the things he’s done in 2020 that I find wanting:

  • Failed to prepare for us for COVID-19, spread misleading information about it, and repeatedly tried to downplay it.
  • His response to the protests following the death of George Floyd? Threaten to call out the National Guard.
  • Used police to force protestors in Washingtion D.C. to clear the streets so that he and his Cabinet could take a photo op at a church. A FREAKING PHOTO OP!!
  • Throughout the 2020 Election, he prematurely said he won, and tried to halt the counting of votes so he’d win. Basically, he acted like a big baby.

Bottom line, I’m glad to see him go, and I hope I can look back on this and say we did the right thing.


Wow. I mean, there’s not enough time in the day to go over how many celebrities, leaders, and important people died in 2020. Of course, important people die every year, but given how terrible 2020’s been, the loss of so many took an immense psychological toll on people.

The deaths started in late January when famed basketball play Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter and seven others. After that, they just kept coming:

  • Sean Connery, the original James Bond
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice (her death set off a fight for her seat on the Supreme Court)
  • Jeremy Bulloch, the original actor for Boba Fett
  • David Prowse, the man who provided the body for Darth Vader

But the one that left everyone reeling? Chadwick Boseman, who passed away from cancer in August, 2020. His death, in particular, felt sudden due to the revelation that he’d been fighting cancer for four years and kept quiet about it the whole time. I had to write a post about his passing in order to help me sort out my feelings regarding it.

Scalpers Sink Plans For Next Gen Consoles

Like many gamers out there, I was excited about the impending release of the next-gen gaming consoles: the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, I foolishly underestimated how many people would want them, and how few there would be available. The result was the same for me as it was for a lot of people around the world: I couldn’t get a console.

I understand that due to the Pandemic, production might be limited. However, what makes this beyond frustrating is the fact that scalpers keep making off with Consoles before we even have a chance to even try to purchase one. It also doesn’t help that retail websites like Walmart showed unbelievable ineptitude in how they handle the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. But the biggest insult has to be how scalpers are selling extra consoles for thousands of dollars! That should be illegal!!


Need I say more? This virus has pretty much brought the entire world to a standstill and ruined everyone’s year. The fact is that this year wouldn’t seem anywhere near as bad as it is if not for COVID-19.

Good Riddance

Now, with that out of the way, I want you all to join me for a special song.

~Good riddance, 2020
Good riddance, 2020
Good riddance, 2020 (keep this pitch for five seconds
I hope you burn in hell!~

Now, if you want to see the few good things to come out of this year, click here.

Otherwise, Happy New Year!

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