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Dude! Justice is A Total Jerk!

Edens Zero Chapter 123 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 123 Review/Recap

Before we start, I would like to say that I had no clue that there was a new chapter of Edens Zero last week. I thought the manga was on break for the Holidays. And I picked a bad time to drop the ball, too. Remember how my last review called Justice a Knight Templar? I’m considering upgrading him to Sakazuki levels of jerkass after reading the latest chapter.

Edens Zero Chapter 123 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics


Picking up immediately following the end to the last chapter, Justice proclaims that the Interstellar Union Army was formed for one purpose: to strike down evil, be it Oracion Seis Galactica, or lawless travelers like Shiki. According to Justice, the Edens Zero is an unregistered ship, which is bad enough. However, Shiki’s association with Elsie and Ziggy is enough to warrant killing him right then and there.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 123-Justice's Star Drain Power
  • Edens Zero Chapter 123-Justice Meteor Frenzy

What follows is Justice beating the shit out of Shiki. Meanwhile, despite being stunned by that creepy robophile, Weisz refuses to let the mad doctor harm Shiki. When he learns that Weisz is the past version of his counterpart (who’s apparently famous among scientists), he decides to shift focus to him.

Back with Shiki, he’s battered but not broken by Justice’s last attack. Right before the fanatic can deliver the killing blow, Elsie appears at last! Apologizing to Shiki for letting this happen to him, she tells him that her crew will rescue Homura. Now visibly enraged, Elsie then directs her full fury onto Justice.

Edens Zero Chapter 123-Elsie Channel her Inner Erza
Source-Kodansha Comics



If you didn’t read Mashima’s previous work, here’s some context about Elsie. She’s based on Erza Scarlet, one of the main heroines of Fairy Tail and one of the most badass women you will ever meet. And while Erza’s very much a kind and caring person, if you make her mad, then I hope that you’ve made peace with yourself. 

This isn’t a joke. Erza’s downright terrifying when she’s angry, and it looks like Elsie retains that character trait when it comes to protecting those she cares about. 

  • Edens Zero Chapter 123- Seven Stars of Justice
  • Edens Zero Chapter 123-Justice Grand Chariot

Speaking of retaining character traits, Justice’s move set is a virtual copy of his Fairy Tail counterpart, Jellal. That’s fine by me because Jellal’s awesome. What’s not fine is how far Justice is willing to go to punish those he sees as evil, even if it’s by mere association with Elsie. As I was reading this chapter, a dangerous thought entered my head. If Justice isn’t driven off now, he’ll hunt down and capture all of Shiki’s friends, or worse! 

Bottom line, I don’t know what Elsie did to him, but that doesn’t give him the right to hurt innocent people. 

The manga’s on break until the new year, so don’t expect many more posts from me in 2020. When the manga returns, I hope Elsie beats the snot out of Justice. And Weisz and Hermit send that mad doctor to the scrap heap!

I Give “The Light of Justice” a 3/5


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  1. I expected Shiki to lose this fight- but not by THIS much of a wide margin. Justice is WICKED strong- but the origin of his powers his what fascinates me. Beyond he and Elsie having the same Ether Gear; he talked about it being equal to “the power which was feared as ‘Heavenly Body Magic-‘ the power that could destroy the stars.” I would love to see the origins of this Ether Gear, as well as how Elsie and Justice came to learn it.

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