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What Happened to Ace in Wano? Find Out!

One Piece Chapter 999 Review/Recap

It’s hard to believe that we’re just one chapter away from One Piece hitting a historic 1,000, huh? Few manga ever reach such a milestone, and fewer still have been as popular as One Piece. But before we hit that milestone, this week, we’re focusing on the legacy of Luffy’s brother, Portgas D. Ace. It was established early on that Ace traveled to Wano in the past, but we never knew the full story about what he did there. That is, until today.

One Piece Chapter 999 Cover
A tribute to a legend


  • One Piece Chapter 999-Ace vs. Yamato

Several years ago, Ace traveled to Wano for the sole purpose of kicking Kaido’s ass. Unfortunately for him, Kaido was off on an expedition, so he got stuck fighting Yamato instead. The two pirates fought each other to a standstill before bonding over their shared desire to step out of their parent’s shadows. It was thanks to Ace that Yamato’s desire to leave Wano was reawoken, and how Yamato learned about Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 999-Ace Heralds the Coming of Luffy

In the present day, Yamato explains everything to Momonosuke: how they’re Kaido’s son, and that Ace was Luffy’s brother and Gol D. Roger’s son. Simultaneously, Nami explains to Tama the same thing, making her feel guilty for getting mad at him. Nami brushes it off, though, because she knows Luffy would have said something if it bothered him.

In the main hall, Marco and Zoro make a beeline for the dome of the skull, only to be intercepted by King and Queen. As all this happens, Marco thinks back to Ace’s time in the Whitebeard Pirates and how he wanted them to free Wano. However, while they all mourned Oden’s death, Whitebeard refused to fight due to how many casualties would result. Nevertheless, Marco and the others promised to help Ace if they got the go-ahead.

On the roof of the skull, Big Mom and Kaido have met up and talk about their plans to turn Wano into a base from which they can conquer the world. But first things first, they will seize the One Piece and Roger’s legacy.

One Piece Chapter 999-The Yonko Plan to Acquire One Piece


In a series full of so many twists and turns, the death of Portgas D. Ace in the Marineford Arc remains one of the most heart-wrenching moments in One Piece. So, getting to see him in flashback is a very welcome treat for longtime fans of the series. More than that, though, this chapter revealed something important about Ace’s relationship to Wano: he wanted to help set it free from Kaido’s rule. Whitebeard, however, wouldn’t budge because he knew going to war with Kaido could destroy Wano. Do I think the Whitebeard Pirates could win? It would be a close fight, but yes, I do think they’d win. Now that Luffy and the Alliance are fighting for Wano, though, the people who knew Ace are more than happy to help their late friend’s brother. Yonko or not, Luffy will win.

One Piece Chapter 999-Ace's Promise to Wano

Speaking of his friends, I loved the look on Tama’s face when she learned Luffy was Ace’s brother. It was worth waiting for her to learn about it! While I don’t blame her for getting mad at Luffy for revealing Ace’s death, I also can’t be mad at her since she had no clue how Ace meant far more to Luffy than she could know. Now that Momo and Tama know about it, though, they’ll give Luffy their full support.

The look on their faces is perfect!

As for the Yonko Alliance, my worst fears have come true: Kaido and Big Mom are in the same location. Fighting them at once will be his toughest fight yet. Bring it on.

Next chapter marks the historic 1,000th chapter and a New Year. Good riddance to 2020. Until then, though, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

I Give “The Sake I brew While Waiting for You” A 4/5

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  1. I guess Kaido’s a FISH rather than a Dragon. You know I didn’t see that one coming?
    Did you catch Nami mention that Tama has a plan? What do you think it could possibly be? Whatever it is; it has something to do with her dango’s- I would imagine.
    This chapter provided so much room for speculation that I honestly can’t imagine what Oda could do to top it. And that idea makes chapter 1000 even MORE exciting!

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