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Jurassic Park, Now In Anime Form!

One Piece Chapter 998 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 998 Review/Recap

When I was growing up, one of my great loves was Dinosaurs. I must have spent hours watching Walking with Dinosaurs on my TV. And while I didn’t watch it until I was in my teens, I’m a big fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. Why am I bringing all this up right now? Because at this point in One Piece, the Beast Pirates are the anime equivalent to Jurassic Park. Especially as we see the powers of the Tobi Roppo.

Full disclosure, this post will be shorter than normal, since there’s not as much to talk about.

One Piece Chapter 998 Cover Page


When we last saw the island of Onigashima, Kaido was using his powers to make the entire island float in the air! As everyone panics about this, Marco makes his move. Using his Phoenix powers, he manages to suppress the spread of the Ice virus in Chopper. As a result, he’s able to get to work on the antidote. Marco, X Drake, and the others then tell Zoro that they’ll hold the line so he can head to the roof to confront Kaido.

On the fourth floor, Luffy and Jinbei realize that Sanji’s nowhere to be found. Jinbei tells Luffy to push forward as he faces another member of the Tobi Roppo, Who’s Who. In actuality, Sanji’s facing down Black Maria and her spidery form. With multiple women. Down below, Franky’s forced to face down Sasaki of the Tobi Roppo in his Triceratops form.

  • One Piece Chapter 998- Sasaki
  • One Piece Chapter 998- Who's Who
  • One Piece Chapter 998- Black Maria
  • One Piece Chapter 998- Ulti and Page One

Outside the dome, Page One and Ulti have gone full Dinosaur in search of Yamato’s group. Fortunately, he’s brought Momo and the others to a store room where they find this giant, broken statue of a dragon.


I wasn’t joking about the Jurassic Park thing. Or at how short this post would be. There’s not a lot to discuss beyond the fact that the Tobi Roppo all use Ancient Zoan fruits. It fits with the theme of the Beast Pirates, and they are sufficiently scary enough.

The two things that are notable outside the prehistoric beasts is the fact that Marco’s turned the tide back in the Alliance’s favor. With the virus temporarily suppressed, Chopper can cure everyone. And despite Queen trying to fool the Beast Pirates into thinking he means to abandon them, I know they’ll switch sides the moment Chopper proves him wrong.

The second is the fact that we now know why Ace came to Wano: to kill Kaido. He failed, obviously, but I look forward to learning more about his adventures in Wano.

Also, we are now two chapters away from the momentous 1000th chapter, and I can’t wait to celebrate!

I Give “Ancient Zoans” a 2.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Jurassic Park, Now In Anime Form! Leave a comment

  1. I think that Ace’s trip to Onigashima had a lot to do with his promise to Tama- to make Wano better. And I think whatever happened impacted him in such a way that it could possibly tie into Marine Ford in some way. Maybe he had another reason for not not running from Akianu beyond what he said about Whitebeard(not that he needed any).
    Out of all the Devil Fruits revealed in this chapter; I’d definitely say that I like Who’s Who’s Saber Tooth Devil fruit the most. It may be the “Ice Age” fan in me(I liked the first 4 movies, but the 5th was just…..ugh), but I really like big Cats like this. And his history with Jinbei should tell us a lot about both of them.
    I also like Sasaki’s Triceratops form. I just overall love this chapter because of these reveals.

  2. I think the Beast Pirate might support Chopper or at least I think they should. He clearly wanted to save them and Queen didn’t. I think it could help change the battle if they did. It think the Ace reveal was wasted in a chapter that was mostly set up.

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