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Ah great! Edens Zero’s Got A Knight Templar now!

Edens Zero Chapter 122 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 122 Review/Recap

Have you ever heard of the ‘Knight Templar’ trope? It’s a person or group in a work of fiction that think they’re on the side of good. However, their methods are so hardcore that they’re just as bad as the enemies they fight; sometimes worse! To my dismay, that Justice guy in Edens Zero falls right into the Knight Templar category as he picks a fight with someone that he should be (at least) neutral to: Shiki.

Edens Zero Chapter 122 Cover Page
Is it supposed to be avant-garde or something like that? Source-Kodansha Comics


Picking up where we left off, poor Hermit’s barely keeping it together at the sight of the mad Dr. Muller. After being arrested, he blew himself out of prison and then got converted into a cyborg (or “O-Tech” as he calls it.) Weisz tries to intervene on Hermit’s behalf, but Muller takes him out fairly quickly. He then sadisitcally restrains Hermit so he may resume her creepy experiments on her.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 122-Hermit captured by Muller
  • Edens Zero Chapter 122-Hermit's Trauma Reawakened

Meanwhile, Sister and Witch notice how Hermit’s emotional state’s grown increasingly erratic. Sylph’s not doing well, either, saying someone bad’s nearby.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 122- Nero Commando Squad 1
  • Edens Zero Chapter 122-Titanic Victory of Knight Templar

Down on the surface, Shiki and Homura find themselves face to face with Nero Commando Team Beast 1. They steel themselves for a tough fight…that doesn’t happen. Justice and his companions take them down in one hit. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Shiki mentions how they know Elsie, saying they’re friends. Thus, Justice’s Knight Templar side kicks in, and he has Homura captured by his friends, before declaring that he’ll kill Shiki. Enraged, Shiki tries to retaliate, only for him to completely block his attack!

Edens Zero Chapter 122- Shiki vs. Justice the Knight Templar
Source-Kodansha Comics



I’ve never had to think too much about what kind of villain I hate the most. However, I’d say that the Knight Templar archetype’s high up on my list. They think everything they do is for a good cause, even when they’re hurting countless people. A lot of notable Marines in One Piece embody this trope, and I hate them. And now Justice’s on the list for wanting to kill Shiki and capture Homura just for knowing Elsie. Whatever she did to him doesn’t justify hurting innocent people.

For some time now, I’d been hoping that Shiki would be able to avoid getting on the bad side of the Government. However, that may no longer be an option after Foresta. Whether he beats or escapes Justice with Homura, he’ll be on their radar now. Knight Templar, indeed.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Hermit’s reaction to Dr. Muller appearing before her again. I called Muller a “robophile” in my last review because his interest in Hermit reminds me of a sexual predator. I’m not joking. Seeing Hermit’s PTSD and his gleeful reaction to being able to “experiment” on her only reinforces this idea. I have to respect Mashima for wanting to use this in his manga.

Well, if we thought the Foresta Arc was going to finish soon, then we’ve got a way to go. GO SHIKI! KICK JUSTICE’S BUTT!

I Give “Titanic Victory” a 3/5

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  1. Honestly; I don’t expect Shiki to win. From what I’ve seen; Mashima has his main character lose to this character design the first time around. I think that Shiki losing here would have a similar effect as to what happened when moving from World 29 to 30- Shiki proceed more strategically when fighting Drakken than just going in guns-a-blazin’. I think something similar will happen here- only with the exception of Shiki dying in the end.

      • ……..TRUE. As far as that goes; I guess you could have a “Rescue arc?” Like what they had for Rebecca during the Guilst arc. Or maybe Creed and Victory decide to let her escape. They’re not as…….”obsessive” as Justice is. Not to mention Rebecca’s out there. If Pino is with them, then they could theoretically disable Creed’s Ether lock.
        Yeah; I honestly DID forget about Homura for a second there.

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