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DayDecember 8, 2020

Doc Ock

Next ‘Spider-Man’ Adds Doc Ock and Past Spidey’s

Today, it was confirmed that Alfred Molina will return to play Doc Ock in the next Spider-Man film. And I am beyond happy about it!

Edens Zero Chapter 122 Cover Page

Ah great! Edens Zero’s Got A Knight Templar now!

Have you ever heard of the ‘Knight Templar’ trope? It’s a person or group in a work of fiction that think they’re on the side of good. However, their methods are so hardcore that they’re just as bad as the enemies they fight; sometimes worse! To my dismay, that Justice guy in Edens Zero falls right into the Knight Templar category as he picks a fight with someone that he should be (at least) neutral to: Shiki.

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