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Boba Fett Returns! Legend Forty Years in the Making

The Mandalorian Episode 14-The Tragedy, Let's Fly

The Mandalorian Episode 14 Review

Boba Fett is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars. Despite having only seven lines in Empire, his kickass armor and quiet demeanor made him a merchandising goldmine. His fans call him one of the biggest badasses in the Galaxy. The naysayers wonder if he’s overhyped. Some even question if Boba’s a true Mandalorian. After today’s new epiosde of The Mandalorian, let those doubts be silenced. Boba Fett’s every bit the legend he’s been built up as over the last forty years!

To be fair, I already knew that. Expanded Universe, after all.

Boba Fett Returns

In a slight break to its formula of “main story, side quest, main story,” The Mandalorian jumps straight to Tython. There, in the ruins of an ancient Temple, Baby Yoda meditates to unlock his connection to the Force. Unfortunatley, they’ve got company in the form of Boba Fett. He’s not alone, either. With him is Fennec, the woman who betrayed Mando and got left for dead. Boba found her and restored her with cybernetics.

Many fans speculated that Boba Fett was the one who approached Fennec. Right now, I imagine they’re celebrating being vindicated. Now she works for Boba, who wants what was taken from him. He wants his armor back.

When Boba and Mando meet face-to-face, I noticed a few things different about him. On the surface, he’s scarred and grizzled thanks to his encounter with the Sarlaac. However, his demeanor’s changed, as well. He’s willing to talk things out with Mando, negotiate to get his armor back. Either it means that much to him, or the near-death experience made made him more willing to talk things out.

Talking goes out the window, though, when the Empire shows up to get Baby Yoda.

Skirmish on Tython

the rest of the (relatively) short episode consists mainly of a scene straight out of a first-person shooter. Mando, Fennec, and Boba Fett go on a rampage, mowing down Stormtroopers in an action sequence that would make Game of Thrones green with envy.

This show’s already given us its fair share of great fight scenes. That said, in this episode is by far the best. It easily approaches the level of the films, and gives us several great moments. Like this.

The Mandalorian Episode 14-The Tragedy, Boba Fett Kicking Ass

And this.

And this!

The Mandalorian Episode 14-The Tragedy, Boba Fett Rocket

Pure, unadulterated fanservice.

Alas, the trio’s efforts are for naught. While they fight, Moff Gideon’s ship arrives and his Dark Troopers capture Baby Yoda before the others can reach him. And to add insult to injury, they destroy the Razor Crest.

The Mandalorian Episode 14-The Tragedy, The Razor Crest Destroyed Concept Art

Boba Fett is a Mandalorian

Ever since “The Mandalore Plot” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, there’s been controversy over Boba Fett’s identity as a Mandalorian. One character in the show, a Mandalorian, claims that his father, Jango Fett, was little more than a common bounty hunter who wore Mandalorian armor. I ignored it at the time. However, this made people doubt if Boba was a Mandalorian. Tonight, those doubts are silenced.

After the battle, Boba shows Mando the chain code on his armor. Not only does it prove that it belongs to him, but to his father as well. In other words, Jango Fett was a foundling.

Given Boba’s status as a clone, people may still want to debate this. Although this may be true, I don’t think that matters in the grand scheme. Boba Fett is a Mandalorian. And he’s ready to pay his debts.

Mando Goes to War

With Moff Gideon now holding Baby Yoda captive, fans are left wondering how Mando will rescue his charge. The answer’s simple: he’s going to war, with Boba Fett and Fennec at his side.

Given how the episode ends, the next one will focus on the group freeing one of the criminals Mando left on that prison ship to mount a rescue.

This is the one complaint I have about the episode, though. Why rescue someone who they don’t know if they can trust when there are others who can help. Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls would gladly help if it gave them the chance to take out Moff Gideon. Moreover, seeing a bunch of Mandalorians fighting together kicks ass.

Regardless of how things ended, it’s clear that the show’s going to do something explosive for its season finale. Will Mando rescue Baby Yoda? Will Baby Yoda misuse his newly acquired Force Powers? Am I right about Gideon’s endgame? These are all great questions that are making me yearn for the next episode, and I love it.

Also, it proves that Boba Fett is the badass everyone thought. This is the Way

I Give “The Tragedy” a 5/5.

Stray Observations

  • The Dark Troopers are now canon. If you don’t know what they are, they’re experimental battle droids from a 90s video game. Great story to them.
  • Anyone curious how Boba got his ship back?

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  1. You know I read the old canon novel “Shard Of Alderan” in 3rd grade? Yeah; I saw Boba Fett on the cover, so I picked it up. I find his design and the whole idea of a “Bounty Hunter” to be cool. It’s what drew me to season 2 of the Clone Wars animated series(I believe season 2 was “Rise of the Bounty Hunters”).

    • Shard of Alderaan. I remember that. That’s where Leia’s kids and their friends go to the Graveyard (what they call the remnants of Alderaan) and get a piece of the core as a gift for Leia on her birthday. Good times

  2. I’m glad they’re doing something with Boba Fett. There’s a lot of untapped potential with the character. And, good job on the episode for taking attention away from whoever received Grogu’s call. Looking forward to seeing that person show up out of nowhere eventually.

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