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I React to Disneycember Review of Star Vs.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

The following’s meant to be a special interlude chapter from my fanfiction, Comet vs. The Forces of Evil. As such, it will be written in the same, fourth-wall-breaking writing style that I use for the author’s notes for that story. Also, I’m writing it for my blog so I can include the video itself.

*In the area of space-time known as Jay’s Workspace, RJ Writing Ink is sitting at a desk, having finished watching Nostalgia Critic’s review of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Satisfied, Jay smiles before getting out of his chair to stretch before turning to look at the reader*

Jay: Not bad at all, Critic. Hello, everyone; it’s me, RJ “Jay” Writing Ink. And this interlude chapter’s extra special as I’m posting it on Fanfiction.Net and my blog of the same name. 

Earlier today, famed online reviewer Doug Walker, AKA the Nostalgia Critic, posted the second review for his 2020 round of Disneycember. It’s this thing he does every December where he reviews Disney films and shows all month. What’s most important about today’s entry is that he chose to review Star vs. The Forces of Evil. And as a fan of the show, I decided to watch it and compare our thoughts on the show.

Firstly, I think that Walker did an excellent job at making his review as unbiased as possible. He looked at it professionally, even admitting that he watched the whole on Disney+. Given how passionate fans of the show are about certain things (especially how we reacted to the ending), this was the best thing he could do as a critic. It did detach him from the passion that fans had while the show still ran, which I think plays a big part in why some people still like it so much. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

As far as points made, Walker didn’t say anything I didn’t already know. He praised a lot of what I liked about the show (the world-building, drama, overarching story) while also criticizing many things. Like, how the show let the StarCo plot drag on longer than necessary. All the plot points that ended up not being used or got forgotten. And, of course, the reaction to Season Four and how it didn’t seem to be what the show had been building towards. In short, things that I figured after months of retrospect and reflection.

However, one thing that he praised, in particular, struck a chord in me and why I like this show so much that I keep coming back to it. It’s the world-building aspect. You have to admit, the show’s premise about magic, other dimensions, and things like historical revisionism were among its strongest selling points. And when done right, you can get very invested in what’s happening. After listening to Walker, though, I had to face the truth. As much as fans want to say that rivals Adventure Time and Steven Universe in terms of lore and world-building, Star vs. never reaches those heights. The potential was there, but it never fully realized it, in the end.

Ironically, this is why I keep coming back to the fanfics for this show. It’s because a lot of the best fanfic writers for Star vs. are the ones who don’t just build on the foundation the show leaves but even actively fix its shortcomings. When done correctly, we get works of writing that rival even the best novels and shows. 

In other words, Doug’s review reaffirmed why I like the show despite its flaws. And more importantly, why I push myself with my own fanfic, Comet vs. the Forces of Evil. To see how far we can take Star vs. as a concept. 

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