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3 Reasons Why One Piece is Crazy Awesome Right Now.

One Piece Chapter 997 Review/Recap

Last week on One Piece, we saw the fighting on Onigashima reach new levels of chaos. Big Mom returned to the fight and headed straight for Kaido. Kaido has the Scabbards on their last legs. Law is looking for a Road Poneglyph; and the entire banquet hall is chaos! Having read this week’s chapter, though, I can safely say that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Eichiro Oda, you are a mad genius.

One Piece Chapter 997 Cover Page


Picking up where the last chapter left off, Sanji’s “Chick in Trouble,” sense goes nuts when he sees the silhouette of a girl being harassed by someone. Fitting his character, he jumps in to save her…only for it to be a trap.

One Piece Chapter 997-Sanji Falls for the Oldest Trick in the Book
Like we didn’t see this coming.

Yep, Sanji’s been captured by Black Maria of the Flying Six and is at the giant woman’s mercy.

One Piece Chapter 997-Sanji Captured by Giant Woman

As Luffy and Jinbei press on ahead, they nearly stumble into an ambush by two of the Headliners. Fortunately, some of the Samurai from before built a ladder that takes them straight to the fourth floor, letting them save time and energy.

One Piece Chapter 997-Haha!

Back in the banquet hall, Zoro becomes thoroughly enraged when he sees Kiku’s severed arm fall through the hole Big Mom made. In one swift move, he defeats Apoo, gets Chopper the anitbodies, and destroy’s Queen’s gun, depriving him of anymore Plague Bullets.

  • One Piece Chapter 997-Zoro Defeats Apoo and Gets the Antibodies
  • One Piece Chapter 997-Queen's Gun Gets Destroyed

Everyone gets caught off-guard, though, when the island begins to shake. It’s not an earthquake, though. As Yamato explains to Shinobu and Momonosuke, dragons can create flame clouds to fly with. In other words: Kaido’s moving Onigashima to the Flower Capital.

One Piece Chapter 997-Kaido Moves Onigashima



I’ve been noticing a trend ever since One Piece came to the New World. Almost every climactic fight for every arc involves something that could lead to the deaths of everyone participating. Fishman Island had the Noah falling onto the island; Punk Hazard had that toxic gas; and Dressrosa had Doflamingo’s birdcage. Now, Wano has Kaido moving an entire island to bring it onto Wano itself. If he pulls this off, everyone in the Flower Capital’s dead. This whole thing would be barbaric overkill, but this is One Piece. One Piece is at its best when there’s mass chaos.

There is a point to Kaido doing this, from a storytelling standpoint, though. It puts pressure on Luffy to beat Kaido before he can bring the island to the Flower Capital. Once Kaido’s down, Onigashima should return to the sea. Preferably in one piece.

One the plus side, we see things starting to go the Alliance’s way in the banquet hall. Zoro got the antibodies that Chopper needs to cure everyone, and declared his intentions of defeating Kaido himself. As for the Beast Pirates that got infected, I’m willing to bet that they’ll turn on Kaido once they’re cured; Chopper’s promise to help everyone seemed to cement that. And with Marco having arrived, Zoro has a clear path to Kaido.

Honestly, I’m hoping that Luffy and Zoro work together to take down Kaido. The future Pirate King and future strongest swordsman fighting together? They stand a good chance of winning. Alas, we’ll have to wait another two weeks to find out for sure.

I Give “Flames” a 4/5

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  1. You know? If he decides to just “drop” it- the impact might just cause more than the Flower Capital’s destruction; it might just cause the destruction of all of Wano itself! Considering the Rock formation Wano is on top of his hollowed out, it might just cause that to collapse. And then that landing in the water would cause like tidal waves, wouldn’t it? This really COULD effect the world in the worse way possible.

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