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Don’t Call Rebecca a Bimbo

Edens Zero Chapter 120 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 120 Review/Review

In the two and a half years since Edens Zero started, I’ve gotten a good feel for Rebecca Bluegarden’s personality. The main heroine of the manga is many things: she’s brave and selfless; she’s great at video games. She can get a little ax-crazy when using her guns. And yes, she’s a little bit…kinky. But if there’s one thing that Rebecca isn’t, it’s a bimbo. Why bring this up? Because she uses the new chapter to prove why she’s not one, that’s why!

Edens Zero Chapter 120 Cover Page


After managing to beat Mora at the end of the last chapter, Homura nearly passes out, only to be found by Shiki. Together, the two of them attempt to regroup and get their bearings. Also, this happens.

Edens Zero Chapter 120 Cover Page

Meanwhile, Rebecca uses her Cat Leaper as best as she can against Britney, to no effect. Britney then starts ranting about how she can’t stand dumb bimbos like Rebecca and how they all need to die a horrible death. Fortunately, Rebecca manages to use her super speed to give her the slip long enough to make it back into town. There, she comes up with a very clever plan to deal with Britney: suck her up with a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, the vacuum needs a password to activate, letting Britney use this corrosive gas.

Edens Zero Chapter 120- Cat Leaper Activate

As a result, Rebecca’s Cat Leaper activates, sending her back to the moment when Britney caught up to her. This time, though, Rebecca turns the table on the Commando and gives her the boot.

What. A. Bitch!

Edens Zero Chapter 120- Rebecca Gets Rid of a Bitch


Okay, I don’t know what Britney’s problem is, but it’s clear that she’s got a lot of issues. I mean, listen to her rant about that one bimbo who flirted with the guy she liked, and then taking it out on Rebecca. GET SOME THERAPY, YOU BITCH!!

Edens Zero Chapter 120- Seriously, What a Bitch
Get some therapy, lady!

In any event, we know that Rebecca’s not a bimbo; she’s proven herself to be very smart on a number of occasions, and this is no exception. And no, I’m not just saying because I plan to add her to my list of anime waifu’s when the anime comes out next year.

In any event, this little skirmish raises some more questions about Cat Leaper. Let’s review what we know:

  • It seems to grant Rebecca super speed
  • It has the ability to manipulate time
  • It can rewind time, or shunt her to an alternate timeline.
  • Since she gained awareness of it, Rebecca now seems to retain full memory of events that led to her potential death or bad ending

Unlike the last time she used it, though, the world didn’t move. This may mean that Cat Leaper will only send her to another timeline in certain situations; other times, may just rewind it. We can speculate about this for days, but the result’s the same: Rebecca beat Bitch-ney and proved she’s not a bimbo.

That means all the Nero Commandos are down for the count. The only thing left is for Weisz to undo the virus and bring the robot’s to their senses. For some reason, though, I doubt it will be that easy.

Again, Rebecca’s not a bimbo.

I Give “Rebecca vs. Britney” a 4/5

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  1. I can’t help but wonder what Elsie and Justice are up to right now…….
    But yeah; Britney’s a little bit of b!tch. I wonder who this guy was she talked about? We might see her again, but I don’t think it’ll be that soon.
    Also……what’s up with that cover page? Is it trying to say that Rebecca and Laguna apply their make up together? Fine by me- I just didn’t see THAT coming.

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