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Family Matters on Guest Filled DuckTales

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 17- Scrooge and Matilda

DuckTales! Season 3, Episode 17 Review

Sometimes, TV gives something that comes at just the right time on the right day to really stand out. Today, DuckTales managed to do just that. Their latest episode, which is about family matters, isn’t just conviently coming out the week of Thanksgiving, but it also marks another important day. Today, November 23rd, marks the 57th birthday of the famous sci-fi franchise Doctor Who. Scrooge McDuck’s played by David Tennant, famous for being the 10th incarnation of the Doctor. And then there’s the fact Michelle Gomez, who played The Master on Doctor Who for three years, guest stars in this episode. And the episode airs on her birthday.

Doctor Who- Missy the Master

Do the math, people.

Return to Castle McDuck!

As established in Season 1, Castle McDuck’s cut off from the outside world by mystical fog that only clears once every five years. However, when the fog clears up four years prematurely, Scrooge and the kids come to investigate. That, and Huey wants to find this magic bagpipe that can animate things.

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 17-Blessed Bagpipe of Clan McDuck

Things end up taking a nosedive, though, when it’s revealed that Scrooge’s sister, Matilda (played by Michelle Gomez, AKA The Master), is living with their parents.

The two start butting heads, leading Webby, in a misguided attempt to stop them from fighting, ends up making things worse. Pretty soon, the entire Duck family is at each other’s throats as egos clash and tensions boil over.

Even though David Tennant and Michelle Gomez are both Doctor Who alumni, they never worked together onscreen. But after seeing the dynamic they pull off as Scrooge and Matilda, I’m convinced it BBC missed out on something great. I love the sibling rivalry thing they got going on as well as how similar and different they are. Both are people of business, but while Scrooge has been successful with his ventures, Matilda hasn’t. They play off each other so well, I’d want to see Matilda some more in the future. If not in this show, then in the inevitable crossover/spinoff

Phantom Blot and Mina Loveberry

Speaking of good dynamics, one of the best ones comes from the villains of the week. Making his return is the Phantom Blot as he continues his mission to destroy all magic. Only, he’s not alone: F.O.W.L. paired him up with one of their footsoldiers, an Egghead named Pepper who’s basically an older version of Webby. At first, the Blot wants nothing to do with her, but her kindness and positive vibes eventually win him over. Especially after its revealed that she’s the only one in F.O.W.L. brave enough to want to work with him.

Given that Amy Sedaris and Giancarlo Esposito are Mandalaorian cast-members, seeing these two interact with each other is pretty fun to watch. Amy channels her inner Mina (who I just realized she played) to contrast with Blot’s no-nonsense attitude. It’s a great dynamic and I hope to see more of it in the future.

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 17-Phantom Blot and Pepper

Family Matters!

So, yeah, I loved this episode. I loved all the guest-starts, they all played off each other very well, and it was an all-around baller. It’s stuff like this that make me glad I’m a grown man who still watches cartoons.

I Give “The Fight for Castle McDuck!” a 4.8/5

Stray Observations

  • Happy birthday, Michelle Gomez
  • Happy birthday, Doctor Who!

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