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Homura Sends Mora to the Glue Factory!

Edens Zero Chapter 119 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 119 Review/Recap

You know who I’ve been wanting to see get their butt handed to them on a silver platter for the last month? Mora, that sociopathic glue guy from the Nero Commandos. From his cavalier attitude as he casually murders machines, to his pesky glue powers, I hate the guy. I’ve been wanting to see him what he deserves. Then when the heroes and villains get split up for their obligatory one-on-one fights, Homura gets stuck with Glue Guy. Despite my worries, though, this chapter sees the swordswoman beat Mora into the ground. That, and Mashima makes a Marvel Comics reference!

Edens Zero Chapter 119 Cover Page


Edens Zero Chapter 119- Homura Shows off Her Sword Skills

Despite being at a signficant disadvantage, Homura doesn’t hesitate to face Mora head-on, and does a good job at fending him off despite the handicap. She even shows the extent of her Ether Gear’s power to transform into any kind of blade imaginable. They turn into Wolverine claws on her hands that she uses to tear through the Nero Commando. Alas, they fail to do any damage since he can turn himself to glue. All the while, Mora keeps sadistically talking about how he loves to see the looks of abject despair on people’s faces. As a result, Homura switches tactics, throwing clumps of dirt and debris onto his body to slow him down. It ends up working, all but immobilizing him.

Edens Zero Chapter 119- Homura Outsmarts Mora

So, Mora simply turns off his Glue Ether, making everything fall off of him. It was at this point that he knew…he messed up. Now vulnerable to her blades, Homura seizes the initiative, and proceeds to run him through.

Edens Zero Chapter 119- Warrior Maid Six-Claw Attack, Wild Tiger Lightning Claw!!!!

Brains beats brawn, and Homura’s the winner!


I was wondering how Homura was going to win in her fight against Mora? In most Shonen manga, the protagonist wins fights against tough opponent’s via one of two ways. They either dig deep and unlock a new power, or they find a way to outsmart their enemies. In this case, Homura went for the latter, and executed it flawlessly. Bravo, Homura! Very JoJo-esque.

With two of the three Commandos left, the only serious opposition is that smoke girl that Rebecca’s fighting against. Meanwhile, Weisz and Hermit are headed into orbit to stop undo the damage that Ziggy’s virus caused; if they can make it before the virus infects the Shining Stars, they should be good.

While Homura didn’t really show any major growth to her character, this chapter showed that she can think well under pressure, which is also good. Now she needs to overcome her weakness to heat so this won’t happen again.

I Give “Homura vs. Mora” a 3.5/5

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  1. Seeing that Homura can make more than just swords- I’m more than eager to see what she makes for her next battle. Although swords will continue to be her primary weapon of choice; I think it would be nice to see her wield a Scythe or an axe(though that may be the “Soul Eater” and “God Of War 4” fan in me).
    I don’t expect to see Mora again after this(I mean; he’ll probably be killed by Nero for failure. Or Mashima can pull a Branch from “Rave Master” and make him a cyborg like Orc), and Orc MIGHT pop up again later. Britney also. Speaking of; it’s gonna be interesting to see how Rebecca plans to deal with her.
    Great review of the chapter, by the way!

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