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Things get Desperate for the Straw Hats

One Piece Chapter 995 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 995 Review/Recap

I think that we all knew going in to the raid on Onigashima that the Straw Hats were about to face their toughest battle yet. After all, they’re going up against two Yonko at once. But if they can’t win against Kaido and Big Mom, then what hope will they have against Blackbeard? After the last chapter saw Queen unleash a plague of ice zombie demons on everyone, things get desperate. And this week, things get even worse.

One Piece Chapter 995 Cover Page


Outside of Onigashima, Big Mom and Marco continue to clash, with Marco determined to keep the Yonko from interfering in the war for Wano as long as possible. Despite managing to get a some good hits in, Big Mom manages to grab hold of him long for Perospero to take aim, only to be saved by Carrot and Wanda in their Sulong forms.

One Piece Chapter 995- Carrot and Wanda's Sulong Forms

Determined to avenge their comrade Pedro, the two Minks face down Perospero while Marco goes to stop Big Mom. Inside the fortress, things for the Straw Hats Zoro and Drake continue to try to capture Apoo. However, things take a turn for the worse when it’s revealed that Chopper’s been infected with the Ice Oni Virus!

One Piece Chapter 995- Chopper's infected

Things aren’t going well for Nami and Usopp, either. They’re facing down Page One and Ulti and are getting pounded into the ground. Nami’s reduced to begging for her life, to which Ulti demands that she admits that Luffy will never win or become the Pirate King. Her response?

One Piece Chapter 995- Nami's Faith

Then Tama comes in saves her bacon.


I knew that things were going to get bad for the Straw Hats, but I never thought that they were going to be pushed into such dire straits. Chopper’s the only one who knows how to cure the Oni Virus; with him infected now, they don’t have much time before he’s reduced to an ice zombie! Zoro and Drake have to get the antibodies from Apoo now, or everyone will die.

Speaking of certain death, I’m proud of what Nami said. Under most circumstances, she would try and lie her way out of this situation; but her faith in Luffy overrides her own fear. And the universe decided to reward her in the form of Kuonichi-in-training Tama and her steed. The luck of the Straw Hats never ceases to amaze me.

Regardless, things are getting very bad for the Alliance. Any advantage they had from their surprise attack is now gone, and there’s absolute chaos on Onigashima. They need to end this fight soon, or else they’ll lose. But I know they can still win. The Straw Hats have survived every challenge thrown at them, and they will with this one.

I Give “A Kuonichi’s Oath” a 4/5

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  1. Tama’s presence in this War is going to be vital- with her ability to tame SMILE users; she could gather a whole bunch of allies along the way. That is- until Queen gets a hold of her and realizes her role in Udon’s prison break.

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