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Sony & Walmart Screw Gamers on PS5 Launch Day

Walmart’s Attempts to Sell PS5 on Launch Day Ends in Disaster

Hello, folks. RJ Writing Ink here. As many of you are aware, today is the launch day for the highly sought-after PlayStation 5, or PS5. For months now, gamers have been utterly frustrated by the inability to pre-order the console due to a severe shortage due to COVID-19. Then, a few days before Launch Day, Walmart came out with this brilliant idea.

Throughout launch day today, people were able to go onto Walmart’s website and purchase a PS5 for themselves. I was one of those people who tried to get one for myself. And I have to say that it was one of the worst online shopping experiences of my life.

Walmart proved itself to be incredibly unprepared for the sheer volume of traffic that it would be getting on the PS5 Launch Day. Every time I tried to go on and get a PS5 for myself, the website would crash, and by the time it recovered enough, it was too late. The consoles were all sold out.


So, it looks like I’m going to wait until Black Friday to get another shot at getting a PS5. But at least I can comfort myself with some of these reactions from my fellow gamers.

As for all the scalpers who are selling the consoles for unfair prices on eBay, I hope you all burn in hell.

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