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Mashima’s Girls are Badass

Edens Zero Chapter 118 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 118 Review/Recap

I know that a lot can be said about the girls in Hiro Mashima’s manga. That they’re overly-attractive. He uses them for a lot of fan service. However, when you look past the excess fan service, you’ll notice that most of the girls Mashima creates have one thing in common. When things hit the fan, they become incredibly badass!

Also, after this week’s chapter, my head canon is that Elsie is Erza and Jellal’s daughter!

Source-Kodansha Comics


After seeing Shiki’s power with Gravity Gear, Orc finally reveals who this ‘Shura’ is: another Gravity user, maybe even stronger than Ziggy. He then mocks Shiki by saying that the three will clash one day.

Meanwhile, Elsie and her crew arrive on Foresta, only to be faced by the brainwashed machines. Seeing that she has no choice, Elsie activates her Ether Gear: Star Drain. It lets her drain the Ether from a planet and convert it into battle armor.

She then proceeds to use it to demolish the robots. Elsewhere, Rebecca and Homura are at their limits. Regardless of the pain they’re in, though, they refuse to lie down. To the Commando’s shock, they get up and defiantly challenge them.

Source-Kodansha Comics

In another part of the Aoi Cosmos, we are treated to our first glimpse of Shura, the son of Poseidon Nero and a full-blown monster who sadistically kills two girls.

Source-Kodansha Comics


Like I said: Mashima’s girls are badass, plain and simple. From Elie to Erza, to Rebecca and Juvia. When Mashima gives them the chance, they can be so awesome, and Elsie drives that point home.

On the one hand, I’m a little disappointed that Elsie’s Ether Gear is a repackaged version of Erza’s Requip Magic. On the other hand, I loved Erza’s Requip magic, so I’m fine with Mashima reusing it. Not to mention, she named her attack after Jellal’s signature move in Fairy Tail

My new head canon: Elsie is Erza’s and Jellal’s daughter.Source-Kodansha Comics

Meanwhile, Hermit revealed to Weisz where the virus that Ziggy used to make the robots go nuts is coming from: an orbital server that they’re probably going to have him hack. That’s the best way to turn everyone back to normal.

As for Shura, what can I say? The man’s a psychopath and he’s going to be a problem in the future. Why else would Mashima introduce him now? I look forward to seeing where he goes with this.

See you next week, everyone! Hoping to see Rebecca and Homura throw down.

I Give “Star Drain” a 3.9/5

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