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Shiki vs Orc In New Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 117 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 117 Review/Recap

Even though his grandpa may now be evil and/or infected by some sort of human-hating entity, Shiki whole-heartedly believes in what Ziggy taught him. Aside from a few moments in the story, Shiki has yet to truly put his ideals to the test. But with Ziggy having brainwashed an entire planet and the most powerful man in the Aoi Cosmos ordering the destruction of all machines, that’s about to change. The fight of Shiki vs. Orc will be the start of a grand test of Shiki’s resolve. Or to put it another way: he’s got to put his money where his mouth is.


The fight between Lord Shiki vs Orc of the Nero Commandos erupts! Orc’s ability to morph into various machines makes him a tough opponent at first. However, the commando finds himself evenly matched by Shiki’s gear. And then he’s caught even further off guard when he learns that Shiki got his power from the Demon King Ziggy. However, that doesn’t stop him from telling Shiki their goal: they’re going to destroy all machines all Foresta, and that will be a prelude to what will happen across the Aoi Cosms.

Edens Zero Chapter 117-Orc declares that all machines will be eradicated

Meanwhile, caught up in their own battles, Rebecca, Happy, Pino, and Homura get the same speech from the other Commandos. That, and they’re told that anyone who gets in Posedion Nero’s way will be destroyed. This, of course, has no effect whatsoever on Shiki. In fact, he only gets angrier at Orc and enters Overdrive Mode. He then proceeds to rekt Orc’s s**t in a move straight out of a video game.


I think that it was implied going into this that what’s happening on Foresta is going to be happening on other planets across the Aoi Cosmos. And while just destroying all the machines may seem like the best solution to stop Ziggy’s insane plans, it’s not. For all we know, Ziggy’s counting on Nero to do just that in order to force the remaining machines to follow him. In other words, things will just get worse!

Edens Zero Chapter 117-Overdrive Shiki Beats Orc

Thankfully, Shiki and the Edens Zero are here to stop Ziggy’s plans, and I can see Shiki vs Orc being repeated on multiple planets across the Aoi Cosmos before this is over. If the fight against Drakken Joe taught me anything, it’s that Shiki’s going to be fighting another member of the Oracion Seis before this is all over. Bring it on!

I Give “Shiki vs. Orc” A 4/5. I love Shiki in Overdrive Form!

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  1. I feel like they’re kind of going to be tailing Ziggy after this- and whatever they do to fix Foresta will be used sooner. I also have a little idea in my head: The idea that Elsie is going to try to get them to work together. At least- until they deal with Ziggy.

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