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Fan service Achieves Running Gag Status in Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 116 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 116 Review/Recap

Congratulations, Hiro Mashima, for you have done it. You have managed to take the concept of fan service and made it into one of the biggest running gags in Edens Zero. If memory serves, you’ve managed to fit in at least one scene in each arc that sees a girl’s clothes get damaged. And Rebecca is usually the unfortunate recipient of the fan service.

But why am I talking about this when Edens Zero is facing down a trio of psychotic commandos? I don’t know; it just feels like it needs addressing.


Edens Zero Chapter 116-Gravitu Field

Picking up where the previous chapter left off, Shiki’s facing the three Nero Commandos at once. Rather than risk a three-on-one fight, he uses Satan Gravity to free everyone from the glue. That, it and tears most of their clothes to shreds.

Edens Zero Chapter 116-Gravitu Field

Before the battle can progress any further, though, death comes from above! A fleet of drones carpet bombs the area to kill everyone. However, the Commando called Orc manages to dispatch them all in short order. When the dust settles, though, everyone has been separated and communications are jammed.

Edens Zero Chapter 116- Orc's Blast Arm

The only one who can call for help is Weisz, and Hermit orders him back to the ship. They need his power to undo the damage Ziggy did. That leaves the rest of the crew separated as they take on each member of the Nero Commandos. *gulp*


What did I tell you guys? Every time there’s a major fight, it seems like Rebecca or Homura end up being eye candy; mostly Rebecca. I don’t mind fan service, but if Mashima does it to this extent, it loses its value. And considering how this chapter ends with Rebecca being forced into another fight, her clothes are going to get torn apart before it’s done.

That aside, I think that that carpet bombing was a good way to justify splitting up the heroes. This way, they can fight the villains and bring the machines to their senses. Weisz May be the only one who can get rid of whatever programming Ziggy put in the machines before it’s too late. Still, it worries me that Ziggy May be doing this on every world he travels to.

For now, though, it looks like the crew of Edens Zero is going to face multiple fights that will take several chapters to cover. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the heroes have progressed!

I Give “Sky Sweeper” a 3/5

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  1. He DOES do a lot of fan service moments, doesn’t he? I don’t think I have much of a problem with it(but then; I’m kind of a huge pervert, so), but I can see how it can get annoying in serious moments. It’s kind of what I like about her battle sequence in the Belial Goer arc- not very heavy on the fan service(I’d even struggle to call it fan service) or tentacle hentai.

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