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Shiki vs. Mora! Edens Zero Has its Next Fight

Edens Zero Chapter 115 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 115 Review/Recap

So, in my review of last week’s chapter of Edens Zero, I ended it with the realization that Nero’s Commandos could end up targeting Happy and Pino. You know, since there are orders are to destroy every machine on Foresta, regardless of allegiance? This is one of those moments where I actually hate being right about something, because it’s going to lead to more trouble for the heroes. Like the title of this chapter states, the Battle of Foresta begins!

Edens Zero Chapter 115 Cover Page
My buddy, Demon God Thadeus, really has a thing for Witch.


After immobilizing almost everyone with his glue powers, Mora then turns his attention to Pino. With his order being to destroy all machines, he decides to kill the little robot. Naturally, this infuriates Shiki, and, in an impressive display of strength, he manages to lift the tree he’s stuck to off the ground. And uses it to hit Mora!

The two Ether Gear users clash while Mora spouts the normal bad guy rhetoric: “machines have no hearts, so we can kill them,” which only angers Shiki even further. Just then, though, the other two Nero Commando’s arrive to reinforce Mora, making the situation much worse for the Edens Zero.

As for the Edens Zero itself, the Shining Stars, Moscoy, Kleene, Jinn, and Laguna are fending off their attackers fairly well. However, Hermit’s holed up in her room, trying to figure out how Ziggy corrupted every machine on Foresta. This leads to a realization: if they don’t stop whatever’s doing this, then even the Shining Stars themselves will be corrupted!


Wow, Demon God Thadeus wasn’t joking about this being a full-blown war. It may seem small right now, but as we’ve seen time and again in Edens Zero, these small-scale fights can end up turning into massive battles. We simply don’t see the whole thing, is all. And with the other Nero Commando’s now at Shiki’s location, the fight’s only going to get even bigger.

An important thing to point out is that the Commando’s recognized Shiki’s Ether Gear as being that of a Demon King. They mention that someone called “Shura” also has it. It took me reading Demon God Thadeus’ post to realize that this was a call-back to Rave Master, Mashima’s first big manga. In other words, expect this “Shura” to be important down the road.

The one thing I didn’t like about this chapter, though, was having to hear Mora spout the same “machines have no hearts” stuff we’ve heard plenty of times now. We get it: it’s to help establish them as bad guys and how there’s a divide between organics and machines. But you don’t have to beat us over the head with it every chance you get, Mashima!

Then again, you also gave us this scene.

Edens Zero Chapter 115- Moscoy

I don’t know how to explain this, but I love it.

I Give “Battle of Foresta” a 3.8/5

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