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The New One Piece Was Worth the Wait, Oda!

One Piece Chapter 992 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 992 Review/Recap

When you’re the mangaka behind one of the greatest manga ever made, you’ve got high standards to meet. Then we Eichiro Oda, the genius behind One Piece. The man works so hard on his series that he hardly sleeps. It’s no wonder why lately, he’s been taking frequent break. However, after a nearly two-week vacation, Oda returns with one of the most action-packed chapters of the manga of the year. And all I can hope to say about it is “wow.”

Having recovered from the Straw Hat’s throwing her out, Big Mom meets up with her son, Perospero, and Marco the Phoenix. Apparently, the latter two teamed up to beat up Kaido. now that they know Big Mom joined up with Kaido, though, the deal’s off, with the Yonko mocking Marco for the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates for falling so far. Marco fires back, though, by saying that the Whitebeard Pirates are free to do as they wish. Speaking of which, Carrot runs off to fight Perospero and avenge Pedro, while Luffy continues on to the roof.

One Piece Chapter 992-This is so awesome

On the roof of the school, the fight between Kaido and the Scabbards begins in full with neither holding back. The fight is so epic and intense that I cannot properly explain it in this recap. The long and short of it, though, is that the Scabbards manage to hurt Kaido. Several times!

After giving Kaido the beating of a lifetime, the Scabbards then adopt Oden’s two-sword style stance, much to the Yonko’s fury. Despite saying that their strength’s inferior to Oden, they still manage to hurt Kaido!

One Piece Chapter 992-Two Sword Style, Tougen Totsuka


Oh my gosh, Oda; this chapter was so worth the two weeks of waiting! It’s these kinds of action sequences that define a great Shonen manga series, and One Piece has some of best fights you can find. In addition, after the first act established how tough Kaido was by shaking off Luffy’s attacks, this fight reminds us that the Yonko’s not a god. He’s a man; an unnaturally strong one, but a man just the same, and he can be beaten. Also, seeing Raizo turn Kaido’s own attacks back on him using his ninja arts was a great reference to Naruto.

One Piece Chapter 992-Ninja Art (Naruto Reference)

As for how the Scabbards are able to hurt him despite his claims of them being weaker than Oden, I can only think of one explanation: Haki. Either they’ve used their time to train their mastery of Haki to greater levels, or them using it in conjunction is enough to overwhelm Kaido. Either way, they need to keep up the pressure.

As fun as watching this has been, though, I have no doubts that Kaido hasn’t begun to fight seriously. Because when he does, then I don’t know how long the Scabbards will last. It’s sad, but also necessary so that the main hero can take down the big bad. Standard Shonen formula. Until that happens, though, I’m going to enjoy watching Kaido getting what he deserves.

I Give “Remnants” a 5/5. Pure. Epic.

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